Life lately: march

I went to Rio de Janeiro for work for a week. It was my second time there, the first time was 10 years ago. I enjoyed this second time in Rio so much. Having this view from the hotel room made a big difference.

IMG 4334

and being able to run everyday by the beach was a privilege

IMG 4370

although I was exhausted by the end of my 8 mile one day… so hot!

IMG 4341

but the best part in Rio was the food. I ate sooo well and soo many octopus! My favorite dish ever!

IMG 4364

and the company was great. I really liked the people I work with. Such a genuinely kind people.

IMG 4393

I also tried the 6 mile loop by the lake with this breathtaking view

IMG 4401

on the last day I had two hours to do a mini tour, visited the new museum by the city center

IMG 4409

and selaron stairs

IMG 4411

IMG 4417

I missed so much my girls who was growing so fast

IMG 4453

when I came back, all I wanted was to soaked up with them

IMG 4467

IMG 4489

Sofia got sick (flu) and had to stay at home for 4 days. Yikes! Poor girl.

IMG 4499

but she collaborated most of the time with grandma by eating well, taking the medicine and rest

IMG 4501

when she was too bored, she’d ask grandma to do her hair

IMG 2207

This pic of Tony feeding Lizzy melts my heart. It makes me love him so much!  He’s such a good father, so patient with her and wants to spoil her. But he also trusts me and listens to me when I say we shouldn’t spoil her all the time. So glad we agreed on that. 🙂

IMG 4290

we didn’t do much on weekends other than Sofia’s piano class. Mainly because I was very busy at work, my marathon training is getting more intense, so all I want on weekends is rest. Fortunately the family is fine with that, we all enjoy our time spent at home. 🙂


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