Life lately – inlaws visit

Inlaws came to visit us last month. They were particularly excited to meet Lizzy. She’s such a cutie and adapted really well to the grandma and grandpa. My parents had to go to shanghai during that time due to an emergency dental issue, so Lizzy was being taken care by new grandparents right away. She did so well.

IMG 3850

Sofia also welcomed grand-parents. She’s such a friendly girl and always get to be friend with visitors from day 1. Both grandparents like her as well… spent time playing with her everyday.

IMG 3856

Last week Tony and I had a special Valentine’s day celebration. The original idea was to go on a solo-date. But due to DC traffic in the evening, I couldn’t take Sofia back home.

IMG 3905

so she was our special guest on V-day.

IMG 3910

our date was “paint night”

IMG 3912

we had a quick dinner at Berducci, the location for the paint nite, and ready to start

IMG 3915

pink was the color of the night

IMG 3916

2 hours later…

IMG 3920

very very proud of ourselves

Friday was another ballet class for Miss S. Her last few classes

IMG 3923

on Saturday we took Tony’s parents to National Harbor first

IMG 3991

It was a gorgeous day to be outside

IMG 3937

Sofia got a marshmallow covered in white chocolate as treat

IMG 3941

soooo yummy

IMG 3950

then we visited the new MGM casino

IMG 3995

next we went to Alexandria…visited the farmer’s market

IMG 3956

IMG 3957

IMG 3958

then walked toward the harbor

IMG 3963

IMG 3968

Sofia had fun feeding the birds

IMG 3973

then we went to Fontaine for lunch… my favorite spot for french crepes

IMG 3974

I had the farmers crepe that had assorted veggies and goat cheese. So so good. I love that their crepe is made with buckwheat, the real deal.

IMG 3975

then we went to Sofia’s first piano class. I got her enrolled for a group class for 4-5 years old. I had to be with her the whole class, not just accompanying, but interacting and participating the class.

IMG 3979

She liked the class so I enrolled her right away. It’s the Yamaha method. Let’s see how she likes it. So far so good because there’s little real playing with the piano, but more on learning musicality with songs and games.

For in-laws last dinner here, we made a BBQ (grilled chicken, pork tenderloin, salmon, and sweet potato), and a salad.

IMG 3987

They loved the meal and even took the leftover sweet potato for the flight back. 🙂

On Sunday, Sofia and I went to watch “Disney Ice show: dream big”.

IMG 4002

she was entertained the entire show. Success!

IMG 4008

Lizzy stayed at home, played with grandma who came back last weekend.

IMG 4034

oh… my cutie turned 10 months few days ago.

IMG 4037

she’s starting with the swing…. hard to tell from her expression whether she likes it or not

IMG 4049

same with slides

IMG 4055

still undecided about this one too

IMG 4075

I did a lot of mea preparation for the week on Monday… and rest. The past few weekends have been hectic, too many activities, too little rest. Finally catching up with my t0-do list. 🙂


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