What I Ate – 2/4/17

It was my rest day from running. But I still got up at usual time and did strength training instead. HIIT is so challenging!!!

IMG 3657

then I saw through the monitor that someone was up and playing already

IMG 3658

after changing I went to see the family. They were already starting to have breakfast.

IMG 3659

I joined them. I had toasts with LC, fried egg and goat cheese with blueberries. I think I’m approaching the borderline of getting sick of this combo. 🙂

IMG 3662

looking at these two playing and laughing together put me a great mood for the day

IMG 3665

Sofia and I went to indoor climbing, meeting with our friend Ruweri, climbing partner for few years already.

IMG 3668

Sofia was not officially allowed to climb yet since kids need to weight close to 40lbs to be able to start, but Sofia was eager to test the water

IMG 3677

IMG 3686

and then it was my turn. Despite of not coming often, I was surprised that my body still remembers the movements and kept the fitness quite well. I managed to do several 5.8-5.9 routes without much problem.

IMG 3691

then we went to bouldering area

IMG 3697

and that was definitely challenging!!! It needed much more power than going up

IMG 3701

after climbing, I took Sofia to her ballet class and did groceries. When returned home, we were starving. We had spaghetti with homemade Bolognese sauce made with grounded turkey. Simple but always tasty.

IMG 3711

then it was nap time for the girls. Tony took his parents to the mall, and I did some work

IMG 3761

snacked on plain roasted almonds

IMG 3768

when girls were up.. it was all playing with them. Lizzy loves standing up these days… and it is so funny to see a tiny person trying to move around

IMG 3779

then we had a delicious dinner. I made baked lobster, salmon with onion, and my mother in law prepared some veggies to go along

Fullsizeoutput b0d3

after I put the girls to sleep. I enjoyed a cup of the chia pudding I made in the afternoon. It was amazing! Rich, decadent, and couldn’t tell that it was a healthy dessert.

IMG 3826

Snuggled in bed before 10pm… excited for my long run the next day. 🙂



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