What I Ate: 1/29/17

I started my morning with a decaf coffee with Tj’s soy cream.

IMG 3427

followed by a small bowl of oatmeal in preparation for my long run

IMG 3429

whenever I go over 8 miles, I bring water and energy beans. Once I didn’t and I was miserable the rest of the day.

IMG 3430

I enjoy Sunday long runs the most because I don’t need to rush to home. I run slowly. I don’t have a set number of miles to hit but a range. Today was anywhere between 10 to 12. I run with Tony for the first 3 miles, and then 9 miles by myself that went in a blink. 12 miles later, I felt energized, world was a better place. 🙂

IMG 3433

First thing after I step in was to put the NUUN into a big glass of water.

IMG 3443

then I stretched for 10 min, showered and put on compression socks. These are wonderful for after long run. The first time I tried it in the store, I couldn’t believe how well I felt after just 10 min. The calf I put it own felt 100 times better than the other one. Now I wear it for couple of hours after long runs.

IMG 3450

During the run I thought about what I would have for post-run fuel. Something cold, sweet, indulging sounded appropriate. So I made a high protein smoothie bowl with frozen banana, berries, protein powder and coconut milk. As any smoothie bowl, the best part was toppings. I put some more berries, goji berries, coconut chips and PB. It hit the spot!!!

IMG 3466

Tony left with his parents to do some shopping. I was by myself with the girls. Sofia was happily watching papa pig, her weekly treat, while snacking on some grapes.

IMG 3474

meanwhile Lizzy took her nap so I had time to do meal preparation for the week. I had some veggies roasting

IMG 3475

while Sofia joined me to make pancakes for her breakfast

IMG 3477

IMG 3522

meal preparation was done. I prepared roasted Japanese sweet potato, ginger-soy roasted cauliflower and broccoli, and bakedtofu

IMG 3479

and an apple balsamic glazed purple cabbage. Divided into individual containers.

IMG 3518

Lizzy woke up around 12:15pm, perfect timing for lunch. Sister love!!!!

IMG 3485

Sofia lunch consisted of two fried eggs, 1 pancake and frozen peas. She happily finished them all and had another pancake later.

IMG 3531

Lizzy had pancakes too. I made those with breast milk, egg yolks and baby oatmeal. She prefers finger food over puree.

IMG 3525

I gave her some green peas too and she loved them, kept putting more into her mouth.

IMG 3534

I love having them alone sometimes because I feel that I am more engaged with them. Needless to say, they love having me focusing on them 100%.

IMG 3549

after the girls went for nap. I finally sit down to have my lunch. I made for the first time Jimalaya with turkey sausage, vegetables and quinoa. Really filling and delicious meal that I can’t wait to play with other ingredients.

IMG 3513

while the girls were sleeping, I worked on my side project for 2 hours straight while snacking on some high fiber cereal.

IMG 3553

when girls were up from nap, Tony and in-laws came with a big shopping haul. I left them with Lizzy and took Sofia to buy some serving ware.

IMG 3561

when we arrived, dinner was ready. We had bok choy, napa cabbage with egg dumplings, green beans, and a curry beef soup with tofu pockets.

IMG 3566

after dinner, I nursed and put Lizzy down for the night

IMG 3569

while Tony read Chinese books to Sofia

IMG 3577

then I had some quiet time with my bowl of kabocha

IMG 3575

8pm, it was time for night routine. I accompanied Sofia to brush her teeth, bath, Pj.

IMG 3582

read a Chinese book and goodnight to her.

IMG 3590

9pm, I was in bed with a magazine and a ginger tea.

IMG 3592

then Tony came. We chatted a bit and felt asleep before 10pm. It was a relaxing but productive day. Fully recharged for a busy week to follow.


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