New year 2017

Our new year was low key, just how I wanted. To be with the family and relax. We Tony first finished building Christmas City Lego

IMG 3025

so proud of the duo πŸ˜€ (basically Tony tries to build it, Sofia tries to destroy it, and repeat! :D)

IMG 3123

I took Sofia and my parents for brunch one day

IMG 3101

had the most beautiful avocado toast! It’s really easy to make but so good. Toast + smashed avocado + feta cheese + tomato + green onion + poached egg. If I’d make at home, I’ll omit the feta cheese and replace poached egg by fried egg.

IMG 3107

On a cold Sunday, I started my day with a run, with my lovely husband. As you can see from the pics, it was a dreading run for him, but glad he finished the 3 miles. I then run another 8. 11 miles on 1/1. πŸ™‚

IMG 3116

usual breakfast tastes even better after a long run

IMG 3121

then we did groceries and prepared a Chinese meal for the family

IMG 3124

and an international meal for dinner. Poached salmon with mushroom in sherry sauce. First time trying sherry… I like the taste but didn’t dare to put too much at first, so the final product lacked the distinct sherry flavor. I’ll do better next time.

IMG 3128

Monday was still holiday so we had friends over for lunch… The girls got to play dolls…

IMG 3156

the grow ups got to make dumplings

IMG 3155

Sofia loves playing with Tiantian, once again because Tiantian basically follows Sofia’s lead. Sofia is a natural leader… or want to be πŸ™‚

IMG 3154

and when Lizzy is up, she joined the big girls… Sofia always so sweet with her little sister

IMG 3135

IMG 3139

while chinese dumpling was being made, I made the beef taco station

IMG 3150

the final food table, a mix of chinese and international food

IMG 3147

IMG 3146

it was my first time making taco, so easy and so tasty! It’s definitely a crowd pleasing meal. and it’s fun to assemble it too, a competition of who gets more filling in!

IMG 3153

our new year started with the tone for the year… good run, good time with family and friends, and good food. πŸ™‚


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