Celebration: Christmas & Birthday 2016

This year we celebrated Christmas as a family of 6. No guests, no pressure, just enjoy some down time with ourselves.

IMG 3002

We spent most of the day relaxing at home, playing, reading, napping, until it was about dinner time. I dressed up, made me presentable, put the Christmas hat, had Pandora on Christmas station, and immediately felt festival.

IMG 3018

Sofia helped me to set up the table

IMG 2985

Tony and I prepared dinner

IMG 2998

I made a green salad

IMG 2991

homemade smoke salmon with toasts with olive oil. This salmon recipe is from a colleague of mine, very easy to make and turned out fancy and tasty. To make it, combine 1 lb of sugar with 1 lb of salt (assuming salmon fillet is about 2 lbs), let salmon soak in the mixture in 24 hrs in the fridge, and voila, homemade smoked salmon ready to serve.

IMG 2990

for the main dish, I made a porcini risotto. Like the salmon, it was so easy to make and turned out better than I expected. I kept adding it more to my plate πŸ˜‰

IMG 2994

and for the star of the night I made baked live lobster with garlic green onion butter. So good!

IMG 2995

while we enjoyed our feast, Lizzy was quietly exploring a piece of toast. So funny how she managed to eat 2 bites during the whole dinner.

IMG 2999

then it was time for gifts.

IMG 3003

Sofia was excited to see what Santa brought her

IMG 3019

IMG 3005

dolls are like shoes for girls, the more the merrier

IMG 3006

legos would come second

IMG 3008

yes, I know.. it’s for 12 years old… but Tony also likes to play, so why not? πŸ˜‰

IMG 3010

Santa brought a watch rewinder for Tony

IMG 3011

and I got a scarf and a runners recovery set

IMG 3013

We all went to bed happy with full belly and new favorite gifts. πŸ™‚

On Christmas day which was also my birthday. I started it with a very long run, actually the longest run EVER! 13.6 to celebrate first day for 36 years old. The best part? Tony run 3 miles with me.

I really enjoy Sunday long runs. It’s such a peaceful time to get lost, to reflect, to be sync with my physical body, and to connect with my mind.

IMG 3024

after a long shower and breakfast, we started the Lego Christmas City project.

IMG 3025

2 hrs later, part 1 was done, thanks to Tony. I simply chill out on the side.

IMG 3030

after nap, we started the gingerbread house project.

IMG 3034

Again, Tony was in charge. He’s so much better than me in term ofΒ manual work and has patience for it. Sofia was happy putting on the chocolates and gummy bears. πŸ™‚

IMG 3038

it turned out so beautiful.

IMG 3042

I didn’t cook a special dinner for my birthday because I just wanted to do nothing and relax on my birthday. But to celebrate it, Sofia and Tony got me a cake. It was a hard-to-find cake since most of the stores were closed, so it was extra special to have a cake to blow the candle.

IMG 3050

Last year was full of ups and downs but I’m glad that I found two new loves, Lizzy and running. I don’t feel older, but do feel I have more responsibilities to my family and became wiser in how to be a wife. πŸ™‚


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