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I was in Quito for work from 12/7 to 12/14, an unexpected amazingly fun trip.

I arrived few minutes past midnight on 12/7. My reserved taxi didn’t show up so I took a cab from the airport ($20). The driver informed me that the bridge going to Quito was closed for construction, so we had to go through the old route. Imagine… I was alone and in a new city at midnight in a stranger car. I was a bit uncomfortable to say the least. Fortunately the driver seemed nice and kept small talk to be nice. 45 min later I arrived my hotel, exhausted. But I first had to pump and made sure they can store the milk in the freezer. I went to bed at 2:30am.

I woke up 4 hours later and got ready to start the day.

IMG 2608

Hotel’s breakfast was quite good. It had a juice section

IMG 2740

I made a green juice

IMG 2741

and started with local dishes: tamale, mushroom with veggies, platano cake and exotic fruits

IMG 2612

then the usual: an egg white omelette with veggies and more mushrooms

IMG 2613

the tamale was so good that I went for more

IMG 2617

Work work work

One night we went to a spanish restaurant and shared three gigantic dishes

grilled seafood

IMG 2620

seafood paella

IMG 2621

seafood stew

IMG 2622

i had an overload of shrimps

IMG 2623

IMG 2624

soooo yummy!

The city of quito is laid on a mountain. As I walk around, the street blends with the view of mountain everywhere. Very unique scenery.

IMG 2633

country’s slogan: Ecuador ama la vida (Ecuador loves life)

IMG 2634

On Saturday, my colleagues and I went for site seeing. First stop was Quito teleferico, the highest in South America. It starts at 2.950 meters and ends at 4.050 meters.

IMG 2659

with my fun colleagues

IMG 2665

it was a gorgeous day. The view from the top was breathtaking

IMG 2669

we even took pics with llamas with ponchos and hat (only 40 cents per person!)

IMG 2680

we walked around to take in this amazing view

IMG 2695

then we went on horse riding on the mountain ($8 for almost an hour)

IMG 2707

IMG 2706

IMG 2709

IMG 2860

IMG 2859

The hour went by so fast as we walked around the mountain, climbed to the top and climbed back. There was part that was quite steep, but the horses knew the route very well and we felt safe although none of us knew how to ride horses.

When we got back to the base, some food was in order

IMG 2696

they had chicken mollejas… which we think was chicken heart. My colleague chose that.

IMG 2702

I opted for something safer… chicken breast with mole (gigantic corns)

IMG 2704

group picture at the top

IMG 2712

Bye little cutie

IMG 2855

of all the places we went, Osaka was by far the BEST of the BEST. It’s originally from Peru, a fusion cuisine (Peruvian japanese)

IMG 2714

IMG 2715

the menu had several juices of fruits that we didn’t know so they bought the fruit for us to take a look

IMG 2717

this looks like a mini cherry tomato, the texture is like tomato but tastes like a fruit, hint of sweet sour fruit

IMG 2718

this is sour orange. Look like orange, has the texture of kiwi and tastes like lemon

IMG 2721

We shared two appetizers: carpassion (salmon with lemony honey)

IMG 2726

and wasabi ceviche

IMG 2729

both were out of this world!!! so good.

as entree, I had tako nikkei, grilled octopus with japanese chimichurri (forgot to take a picture) and my colleague had this spicy sour shrimp. He kept telling how good it was.

IMG 2730

for dessert I went with the most popular dessert in house: volcan oak (a chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream). Decadent, rich, smooth and so chocolaty!

IMG 2735

The next day we went to the Equator line.

IMG 2743

first we went to a museum where the real equator line lies

IMG 2750

middle of the world

IMG 2751

we were asked to try to walk on the line with eyes closed

IMG 2763

at middle of the world, we tried to stand a raw egg on a nail.

IMG 2759

It seemed hard at first but I got it after 5 mins. 🙂

IMG 2770

really cute and less known museum with personal guide for just $2.5.

IMG 2777

then we went to Middle of the World City

IMG 2771

it is more developed, more tourists

IMG 2772

and the line to take funny pics like this

IMG 2774

After a quick stop at mercado mariscal for some shopping, we went to the old town. There was a festival going on

IMG 2778

our first stop was the cathedral

IMG 2853

IMG 2784

quite an interesting climb to get to the top

IMG 2838

IMG 2791

the old town is one of the best preserved colonial town in Latin America

IMG 2794

interestingly, there were more locals than tourists that day. In fact we didn’t feel like visiting a touristic site but rather joining a local Sunday happening

IMG 2795

we stop at “Hasta la Vuelta Senior” for a quick bite

IMG 2850

as we walked in, I saw someone having a soup and I asked what was that. The waiter told me that it was not on the menu but rather a dish for the employee. That answer made me want to try it even more so I insisted to order that. 15 min later.. my fish soup arrived and it was AMAZING!!! A thick broth made with seafood, fish and potato, with two pieces of fried fish and a piece of corn. Best soup ever!

IMG 2805

then we continued to explore the city. Two colleagues of mine went for a church service while rest of us wandered around

IMG 2849

The old town in Quito is not only one of the best preserved one, but also one of the largest in Latin America

IMG 2812

scenic and vivid

IMG 2813

do you see the monument on the top of the mountain? there was our next destination: el panecillo which means “small bread” and it’s the name of the 200 meters high hill that marks the division between south and downtown Quito. From everywhere in the Old Town you can see the hill with its aluminum monument of the Virgin Maria.

IMG 2815

my colleague and I ignored the local advice on taking a taxi to the top because the way up there is steep and probably not safe. We didn’t feel threatened by local people, but the dogs… that’s another story

IMG 2817

at certain point, we went surrounded by 8 dogs and all balking. We had to divert our route and probably walked 1-2 miles more to get to the top. But it was definitely doable and you’ll see more of real life out there.

IMG 2819

the view from the top was nice

IMG 2844

we were hungry with the walk so got some street food

IMG 2822

I went for the corns (no surprise)

IMG 2823

and guys went for the chicken heart with fries

IMG 2825

it was the best business trip I’ve ever been! So much fun exploring Quito with these! 🙂

IMG 2831



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2 responses to “Travel: quito

  1. The small golden fruit is called ground cherries. They are so good! They grow here in NJ… My dad has then on his property and I always get a nice supply 🙂 The trip looks amazing.

  2. kristaskravings

    What a fantastic trip!

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