Life happening: Picture with Santa 2016

I’m back! Why? Several reasons. I feel more identified with this site in term of name and appearance. I keep coming back here to browse old posts. So… I’m back to this site. 🙂

I feel  like a broken radio to keep saying that I’ve been busy. Well.. it’s true. Work has been busy but I love it. It was also because I wasn’t prioritizing posting, but hopefully that will change entering into the new year. Recently I found the peace writing brings me. It relaxes my mind, it makes me reflect more, and I enjoy reading my life through old posts. Hopefully I keep this in my mind and post more.

Since 2014, we’ve been taking pictures with Santa. This year is special because Lizzy is here and it’s her first year entering into the family picture. We were all super excited although she didn’t realize what it was about. 🙂

IMG 2535

Sofia was a pro entering into the site

IMG 2538

even posing for me

IMG 2542

it’s amazing how much she’s grown… can’t believe she’s 4 already. I keep asking her if I’ll always be her favorite person, whether she’d always want to talk to me. Obviously she says yes to both. 🙂

IMG 2545

I love love this picture. I love this family. It brings me so much joy simply looking at it. It reminds me how much we’ve all worked to get where we are. How much we’ve all been through. Love and faith on ourselves gave us so much.

DisplayImage ashx

Tony’s birthday is on 12/10 but I had to go for a business travel so we celebrated before I left. I cooked him a nice dinner with all his favorites dishes

IMG 2550

Sofia brought a cake for him. She was so proud of carrying her little bag with cash that grandma gave her, and paid it herself. She’s amazingly a generous girl. I’m so proud of her.

IMG 2559

Tony’s best gift received ever is Lizzy. He loves her so much, more than he could ever imagined.

IMG 2576

Oh…. I changed my hairstyle. I haven’t done that for over 25 years. I always wear a pony tail for its convenience and I thought it fits me well. But then for the last couple of months, I was tired of the pony tail and the same style. I was determined to change that. So I went to my friend Ruwei’s hair stylist. Told her I want to change it, trust her, spend 2.5 hrs with Sofia in the salon, and voila!

IMG 2586

I LOVE IT! The best part? I wash my hair, let it dry, and that’s how I look. zero effort! hahaha…

Then I had to go for an 8 days business trip. The longest since Lizzy was born. To prepare… I cooked and freeze lunch for Tony

IMG 2597

cooked for Lizzy: green pea with pear + zucchini with banana

IMG 2598

and baked bread for the family

IMG 2599

And then I had to say goodbye to this little angel.

IMG 2601

pumping on route is not fun. Had to do it in the bathroom this time

IMG 2603


but it is so worth it because of this face

IMG 1708

IMG 1714

IMG 1720

Sometimes people get amazed that I am still nursing her despite frequent travels. But to be honest, it comes so natural to me, I don’t even find it hard most of the times. It’s like my mind is not registering these effort when I know why I’m doing this. With Sofia I had to wane at 14.5 months. I think I could probably go longer this time with Lizzy because this is probably the last time I’ll ever nurse my baby.


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