Family: Lizzy at 2 weeks

Lizzy had a great week. She’s such a calm baby. She doesn’t fuss much and can be by herself for quite a long time before falling asleep or ask for milk. I feel so blessed to have another angel baby. 🙂

IMG 9245

Eating:  she has been eating really well. She eats 8-12 times a day, for 15-20 min each, usually one side. I think she’s became more efficient, therefore less time required for each feeding. She eats every 1.5-3 hrs, and if she goes longer than that, I feel engorged. I had to pump once to get some release. I plan to introduce bottle to her this week to see how she takes it. And when she turns one months old, maybe Tony can do one feeding in the evening.

IMG 9257

love the after-milk face… full of milk.

IMG 9266

Awake time: this week she’s been having 15-30 min of awake time, usually after she wakes up. We bring her downstairs so Sofia can play with her, or we can have dinner. She’s very quiet, doesn’t complain much when there’s no one by her side, she simply looks around with her curious eyes. I continue to look for her cue to be ready to sleep, and try to keep stimulation to 15 min maximum. So far it has been working well.

IMG 9271

IMG 9288

Sleep: she’s been sleeping well for newborn standards, even better than Sofia did. She takes 45 min – 2 hrs naps during the day, and takes 1.5-3 hrs stretches at night. Usually the first 1 to 2 stretches at night are the longest, and the last one is usually 1.5-2 hrs. Usually I go to sleep after feeding her around 9:30sh, and she’d wake up between 12-1am, and again between 3:30-4:30am. After that, I go to her room and let Tony have 3 hrs of uninterrupted sleep. This way, I get to sleep 6 hrs with 2 wake ups but fairly good sleeps. She continues to fall asleep by herself most of the time. I put her down usually after 45 min of waking up, and she takes between 15-30 min to fall asleep. Sometimes she’d make some noise even few cries, but she’s good at settling down shortly afterwards. When she fails to settle down, I’d pick her up, hold her for 5 min, maybe feed her few minutes and put her down again. If she still have problem falling asleep, I’d put her in the swing, and stop it after she falls asleep. There’s nothing wrong napping in the swing, Sofia napped in it for almost 6 months exclusively and she turned alright, but if she can nap in the crib, we’d encourage that.

Check up: she had her two weeks check up. She weighted 7lb 10 oz (5 oz. more than Sofia did at this age), so she’s growing really well due to good eating and sleeping. When she was discharged in the hospital, she failed at the hearing test. Although we were assured that it was common because of some water retention, we were still worried. Fortunately she passed the test with flying colors yesterday! 🙂

IMG 9281

I spend between 3-4 hrs a day nursing her and I’m enjoying it so much. I think because I know this stage is too short. Before I know it, she won’t be nursing like a baby anymore.  When I weaned Sofia, I cried, it was so sad to stop that “special relationship”. In addition, newborns smell soooooo good! You can take pictures and videos to record this stage, but you can’t store the smell, the unique sweet milky smell. I think if I am not careful, I might want another baby when Lizzy becomes toddler just to have the chance to get the smell again. 🙂


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  1. kristaskravings

    She look like a beautiful little doll. Such a sweetie!

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