Life lately: Feb – March 2015

I guess I’m not following my new year resolutions already. I need to do better. One post a week, no negotiable!!!

Life have been busy as usual, specially when you have a 2.5 years old toddler that want play with mama, or simply be with mama. As she gets older each day, I feel more urge to spend time with her to enjoy this special moment, so fun, so unique, so wonderful. But I know I’ll regret if I don’t record these moments in the future… so i’ll post more.

What we’ve been up to lately? A lot of snow days 😦 Not fun, specially when it means I need to clean up, but having this little person cheering me up. it’s not too bad and it’s a great workout too.


while we stay at home… Sofia entertains herself very well… pretending to go to school


snow days are beautiful



when it finally ended… we had some play time


We invited friends over for tea time.. I baked some egg tarts


some yoga demonstration happened


Laura is one year old, so they didn’t actually play together… but one day they will


this little girl turned into a snacking machine… she goes nuts with nuts!!!


last weekend we went to the american history museum


exploring old trains and cars


some selfie time


and went out to watch the St. Patrick parade


it was very windy but the show was worth it


Sofia waved to all the people passing through

IMG_7382 IMG_7392

she loved it


we’ll definitely come back next year… hopefully with less wind, more fun and wearing green! 🙂


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