Starting 2015

2015 is an inflection point.

With new goals and perspectives of life.

Big changes are happening. (not ready to share yet)

New motto: follow your heart.

I don’t usually do new year resolutions…. and I’m late on the game anyway… but this year I want to write down some goals I have for 2015. Here they are, in no particular order:

Read more books: I enjoy immersing myself into a story, far away from mine, to get lost and often get touched by the characters. I enjoy reading non-fiction books as well, just as a well to learn about a particular topic related to my current life interest. I have a long list of to-read list. My goal is to read 26 books this year. To keep tracking them. I’ll stack them into a separate shelf.

Blog more: I’ve always enjoyed the quiet time when I post here, it’s a time for reflexion, a time to remember the highlights of my day/week/month. I like when I am writing it, when I read it afterwards, so I really need to do more often. Goal: post at least once a week.

Do more yoga: I still workout 45-60 min a day, but rarely find time to do yoga. Yoga brings peace to me, I need/enjoy the stillness. Goal: once a week.

Shop minimal: looking back 2014, I’ve spent too much in non-essential. Goal: set a budget for non-essential purchase, and spend $ in experiences.

Stop stressing over Sofia’s eating: I’ve spent too much energy in making sure Sofia eats well, eats enough. It was a constant stress for me and Sofia, and I really don’t want to make dinner time a nightmare for all of us. Goal: offer her a variety of chooses, and let her decide what and how much she eats.

Be more loving: I am sure everyone of my family knows I love them, but sometimes I don’t act as if I was and I feel bad about it. Goal: show more kindness, care and love to my loved ones.

Travel: I like traveling, explore new cities, new life styles. I do quite amount of travel for work but I rarely explore the cities that I visit. Goal: explore cities during business trip, and take 1-2 leisure trips with friends/family.

Develop family traditions/hobby: Sofia is a little person already and I would like her to get a sense of family traditions. We rarely do family activities together and I think it’s important that we find some activities that we do together. Some ideas include: decorating the house according to the season, family table brunch on Sunday, a family activity once a week (like building legos or puzzle).

Cook more: over the last couple of years, I stopped paying attention in food and cooking. I could say it was because I didn’t have time, but the truth is I lost interest. But that’s something that I genuinely enjoy doing, so I will start again. Goal: prepare 1-2 special meals a week.


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