Sofia: 2 years old


It has been months since I did an update on Sofia. Time flies and I can’t seem to be able to catch with all that have been happening. But I don’t want to forget these wonderful moments of Sofia’s life. So, better late than sorry. 🙂

As usual, let’s start with her eating habits. Well… she eats properly and with good manners at school but very badly at home and I kind of give up on that battle. At home, she usually eats while playing and most of the time I feed her except breakfast which happens usually when I’m working out/taking shower/dressing up/putting makeup. She’s my morning companion, so whatever I do she just finds her way to play around me together with a bottle of milk and breakfast (pancake/waffle/cake, all homemade). For dinner, she usually eats whatever we eat (rice + fish/seafood + veggies, all mixed up). It takes up to an hour to finish finding her. Yeah… it could be tiring but I usually check emails, read articles while I wait her finish her bites.

Although she doesn’t eat in good manners with us, her appetite did increase since she started school, which involves a lot of physical activities. For breakfast, she usually take 1 cup of milk, 1 palm size thick pancake, 1 full size waffle or 1/2 inch of banana bread. For meals, she eats 12-15 mini dumplings, 1 full bowl of pasta or rice.

She’s not a picky eater, usually eats whatever we give her, no matter whether she’s hungry or not. If one day she doesn’t eat much of what I offer her, I just stop feeding her and wait until the next meal. I don’t offer alternatives. This way she knows that she wouldn’t have cheating meals and I don’t get to worry about finishing meals with her. I learned to let it go. If she’s hungry, she’ll eat. It’s so simple to say but so hard for the parents to actually accept it and respect it. I had to learn it in a hard way because I was getting too upset that started to affect my balance so I had to let it go. And when I actually did it, it wasn’t difficult and everyone is more relaxed.


Sleeping: excellent sleeper. She sleeps from 8:30pm – 7:30 am in average. Our night routine: bath at 8pm at the adult bath tub with tons of toys; 8:20pm changing, cream; 8:25pm I hold her for few minutes and put her down, say “buenas noches Sofia. Deci chao mama”. She’d say while waving: “chao mama”. 8:30pm I leave her room, she turns and fall into sleep within minutes.  However, this routine only works with me. If Star or my mom take her to bed, they have to wait at her room until she’s completely asleep.

She’s still sleeping in her crib but gets out of it easily. She doesn’t get out in the middle of the night, only when she’s done with sleeping/napping. She’s climb out to the coach first and then to the floor. Then she’d open the door and come to us, all without any noise. 🙂

Character: she’s really easy going, specially when she’s with me. We don’t have tantrums. If she wants something and I can’t give/allow her, I’d talk to her until she accepts it. And it doesn’t take long. Maybe it’s because I know how to talk to her because with grandma she’s always so much more difficult. She’s a happy girl, always making fun of things/people. She find everything amusing and wants us to laugh with her. Look her silly faces:









she’s also a very independent girl. She likes to do things herself such as putting her socks and shoes


helping mom doing bed


washing her hands at school and at home. At school she knows the whole process (turn on the water, put the soap, wash her hands, turn off the water, dry with paper and throw the paper).


getting to her seat


pretending to work


carry her own backpack; put away her toys when we leave the room exactly to where she grab them; clean up after eating at school.

Likes: as every child, she loves playing with new toys


she likes sunglasses.


everyday on our way to school, she’d remind me to give her her sunny


at home she loves taking out all of her toys and display them around the house (Sunday evening the house is a toy land!


mommy is still her FAVORITE person in the world. Although she’s very independent, she is still very much attached to me when I’m around which I LOVE!!!


she loves dressing up and look at the mirror.


her favorite moment of the day is definitely when I pick up her at the daycare


her way of welcoming me is PRICELESS



She travelled to Shanghai during the summer, our longest trip so far and it went very well.


she adapted to the new place/people very quickly


although she might not remember this trip when she gets older, I’m sure she’s soaking up everything all the time so the more place she visits, the better.


she enjoyed exploring all kinds of transportation


new food


On the social front, she’s very easy too. She might be shy for like half an hour and then make new friends very quickly. She is easier to connect to older kids.


care less her peers


and very open to kisses 😆


Dislikes: not much with me but with grandma she dislikes dressing up, changing diaper, bathing…. almost everything that grandma asks her to do. 😉 She’s taking each opportunity to show her power over grandma. Poor grandma 😉

Language: we have a tri-lingue girl (spanish, shanghainese and english). She masters two words and sometimes makes longer sentences (i.g. look at that/this). We can even have a phone conversation! (Me: hola Sofia, como estas? S: bien. Me: extranias a mama? S: si. Me: bueno, portate bien. Deci chao mama. S: chao mama). 

She learns new words almost everyday, she’s a repeating machine. Whatever we say she’d pick it up. The only problem with her speaking three languages is that when she says something that we can’t quite understand, we have to look for the word in three languages to figure out.

Recently, she started to difference person with language. For example, she knows to speak in spanish in me while she speaks shanghainese to grandma. Spanish is still her main language but she’s learning shanghainese very fast since grandma’s arrival. I was wondering what she’d speak at school and the teachers told me that she speaks english to them. 😯 Wooo…. I rarely hear her speaking english at home so it was a great to know she’s getting that too. 🙂

Misc: she’s wearing 18-24 months, 2T clothes. 5-6 shoes and size 3 diaper. In her two years old check up her measurements was W: 24lb 8oz (38th); H: 33.25 in (23th); HC: 19 in (77th).

We love having her in our lives because she’s such a joy. Everyday she brings happy moments to be remember for a long time! I love you, Sofia!





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3 responses to “Sofia: 2 years old

  1. Anonymous

    me la como a besos!!!!! cuando hablamos?

  2. I still can’t believe she is already 2!

    Great she is doing so well! And awesome that she is trilingual!

    Great photos!

  3. Two is such a FUN age! I do remember meal times being a challenge, though. Cherish her wanting to dress up….that’s probably one of the things I miss the most with Sarah. At 15 she certainly doesn’t want her Mom picking her clothes, but it was so much fun!

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