Life: catching up

I’ve been BUSY!!! crazily busy! Over the last month, I went on a business trip, had two waves of guests for 3 weekends, hold a birthday party and here I am, exhausted but really happy. So shall we catch up a bit?

first, I had a good friend of mine Feifei visiting. She organized my wedding 2 years ago and we’ve been friends over 20 years! She visited NYC for work and visited me over the weekend. Other than catching up, I accompanied her for a marathon of shopping. We started at 9:30am and finished 12 hrs later 😯



I took her for dinner at MatchBox, a place that I’ll go over and over again because food is good and reasonably priced 😉

trio appetizer: scallop, mini burger and crabcake


we shared two entrees: rigatoni with sausage


and a tuna salad


then on Monday I showed her DC






and more shopping

IMG_4182 IMG_4187

Then the following weekend, I went hiking with some friends to Shanandoah, catching up with firsts taste of fall




then I went to Panama city for work. got a very nice view from my room




it was a very busy trip… I ended up working every night until mid-night but we had some fun too



I came back on Friday and my friends arrived Saturday morning. We had great time catching up, shopping and DC sight seeing. We were neighbors when I was 18 months old and our family kept in touch very closely. I am so glad they came to visit us.


these ladies are crazy shoppers! they arrived with 2 suitcases and left with 7! 😯

Although hosting friends could be tiring but I love it! I love having my good friends over, to share my life with them. Sometimes when we live apart and seem to be running completely different lives… it’s only when you “live” together for few days you could understand others’ life style.

this is the first weekend that I don’t have anything planned but rest and sleep. 🙂


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