Life lately: 9/1

It has been three weeks since we came back from Shanghai and it feels ages. We’ve been busy trying to catch up with work, life, friends, and family time. Before my phone accumulates too many pics, let me recap what we’ve been doing the last three weeks

Weekly farmer’s market’s trip. I’m taking advantage of the last batch of tomatoes… eating them plain!


Sofia has been a eat-whatever machine since we came back. YAY~~~


look these jumbo eggs. Left is extra large egg from Whole Food, right is the jumbo egg from farmer’s market


I’ve been doing a lot of home organization. For some reason, organizing calms me down so I try to do a bit every weekend. This time I re-organized my makeup station


I changed the multi-trays that I used for this all-in-one box that Star bought for me.


I’ve been taking advantage of Star’s presence to go out with friends without Sofia.


one afternoon I met with Ruwei and chat while having coffee and cake. Girls time is so precious.

IMG_3264 IMG_3266

Another weekend I met with Sarah for a movie night at Mosaic. We visited there almost every weekend but it was my first time coming in the evening and I loved the ambiance


the movie was just okay but it was nice catching up with this lady


Sunday morning is church time. Sofia still hates being at the kids place alone, so Star has been staying there with her.


she’s catching up with her friend Tara too.


Last week for three days Sofia’s daycare was closed so she stayed at home with Star. Star is such a good daddy to her, taking her to playgrounds, buying toys and just spoiling her


he even manages to finish all the meals I prepare for Sofia.


crazy face shows how happy she is playing with Star


this weekend we met with Sarah’s family for brunch at matchbox


the girls were busy coloring and making mess while the adults trying to finish the gigantic serving of food


eating having toddlers is getting harder these days. They’re so active. We were barely able to chat, not until the daddies took the girls out for play that Sarah and I could chat.

That evening I met with Ruwei for her birthday dinner at the Hamilton


very DC-like place and people… hahaha… I don’t know how to describe it though


I had their 17 vegetable medley which was so pretty and delicious.


and we shared their best selling desserts


happy birthday girl~


on Sunday we took Sofia to visit the Aquarium


Sofia had a lot of fun there while the parents were exhausted. Glad we got the membership so we can return for the other exhibitions. 🙂


since our return, we didn’t do much over the weekend because Star’s presence is precious and we wanted to bound as a family as much as possible. But what happened most often was Star bounding with Sofia alone and left me to catch up with my friends or just be alone to tide up the house or to rest. No complain 🙂


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  1. You’ve been busy! But in such a good way. It’s nice that Star and Sofia can bond while you get out with friends. So important for all. 🙂

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