Travel: Sofia’s first time in China

It was a delayed trip for Sofia, to meet all our relatives and friends. Delayed because she’s almost two years old and we just traveled to China. The main reason? The hassle of traveling with a toddler and the fear of she getting sick there. Fortunately, the travel wasn’t bad and she didn’t get sick at all in China. What a huge relief!!!

Even better, she didn’t have jet lag. The moment we arrived our apartment in shanghai, she started playing just like she was born here. 😯 It’s amazing how kids adapt to the environment so quickly.


we watched the soccer game together…. we have a mini fan 🙂



Her daily routine in Shanghai involved getting up around 7am, have breakfast with us at home and play a bit (or make a huge mess out of anything) until grandma takes her to the playground.

In Shanghai, it is not so easy to take kids to outdoor playground, much less when the weather was so hot and humid. Fortunately we found a indoor playground 3 blocks from our place and she went there EVERY SINGLE DAY, sometimes twice a day. It was our savior!


she comes back home to have lunch and then a long nap (2-3 hrs). When she wakes up, we go out to different places.. shopping malls, toy stores



sometimes she takes another nap on the way home


but most of the time she’s fully awake to soak up the new city


we also went to outdoor concert



met with my friends


Sofia made new friends


how cute they are, hanging out together


it melts my heart watching how she interacts with older kids


we took so many selfies that nowadays when she sees my phone she’d say “photo photo”


she was ehhhhh…….. very expressive


we went out for dinner many times and she behaved well most of times


made more boyfriends 😉


she started to know how to pose


and make funny faces…. so cute


we took her to experience all kinds of public transports and she had a lot of fun


look such a cute toddler bathroom, Sofia didn’t want to leave


she tried all kinds of Chinese food


we celebrated the Chinese valentines together



met with my old classmates kids. I think she preferred meeting boys 😉


we also visited water play by the bunds


we bought new outfits


and we came back with a grown up toddler! 🙂


She showed us how adapted to the new environment, people, food and culture. Although she might not understand everything now, I am sure there will be episodes of this trip that will form part of her childhood. I am a true believer of how important is the traveling experience for a person, kids included, so I plan to take Sofia to travel to different remote places to enrich her experience, to learn how other people might live in a completely reality than hers and to form her own values.

Q: What travel means to you?

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  1. Looks like a fabulous trip! I never traveled with my kids when they were young….I was way too nervous! But we are starting to do more traveling now and they do enjoy it!

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