My favorites

I’m playing along with a little survey that’s been making it’s way around the blogs

Name your favorite…

Person: Sofia and Star, no thinking involved 😉


Color: summer colors, mint, rose, coral, ocean blue, white


Food: corn (the rainbow kind)


Smell: natural jasmine smell in the park

Book: recent one: Gone girl


Movie: the Notebook, Before Sunset

before-sunrise-before-sunset-richard-linklater_medium MV5BMTk3OTM5Njg5M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMzA0ODI3._V1_SX214_AL_

Time of day: evening once Sofia is asleep so I can have time for myself to have bubble bath for my feet and reading.

Day of the week: Friday. Every other week I have a Friday off so it’s a ME day. Sometime I dedicated it to do some pumping (mani/pedi/facial/massage), others I spend a day reading, and sometime I have to catch up with household duties (bills/accounting/etc).

Things to do when bored: reading. I can’t remember last time I feel bored. I always feel I have so many things to do all the time that whenever I have free time, I can’t wait to start!


Celebrity: Fav actor: Ryan Gosling; fav actress: Angelina Jolie

Drink: coffee but only 1-2 per day


TV show: the House of Cards. The Best Show I’ve seen for a long long time!!! When is the next season????


Fruit: navel orange and peaches during summer

Vegetable: kabocha


Store/shop: Trader Joe’s

Workout: a good run or hiking. Once Sofia is old enough to go hiking, I’d definitely do it more often.

Quote: Live with passion!

Potato chip flavor: don’t like potato chip

Meal of the day: breakfast, particular savory ones, like panini, toast with sunny egg and avocado


Ice cream flavor: lemon sorbet and chocolate

Season: Summer! Because I love summer clothes and it feels vacation all summer long.

Dessert: if I order dessert, it usually involves chocolates.

Lifehack: dishwasher! I don’t know why I waited so long to use it.

Now… tell me, what’s your favorite food/movie/book/color/day, and why?


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