Life & Eats: week 6/2

The biggest event of the week: the cast is OFF! It was a relatively easy process and pain free. But Sofia is still not walking well…. she walks as if the cast is still on! 😯 well… I guess she’ll have to get used to the new leg for few more days.


I took Friday off to do all the last minutes ME-duties (mani/pedi, massage and hair cut) since Star is leaving on Monday. I won’t be able to do these until his return, hopefully in a month or so.

On saturday, the usual: farmer’s market trip




BBQ: Star had beef steak from WF and I had the chicken breast. Both were delicious! These from WF are more expensive than other stores, but they do taste better.

IMG_1250 IMG_1251

we didn’t schedule any activity this weekend because we wanted to fully enjoy the family time of three. So Saturday afternoon was spent playing at home


she loves playing the ball.

Sunday: church time


and lunch: both of us have fish, mine grilled, Star’s cooked with a spicy sauce, accompanied by sautéed bok choy and rice porridge

IMG_1264 IMG_1266

why porridge and not rice? because I wanted to make a porridge for Sofia. Eggplant and beef porridge


since the cast is off, she’s started eating more. Thanks God!!!

she’s obsessed with the bicycle, she wants us to push her around the house, like all the time


in and out



after a long nap for the entire family, Sofia was ready to have some play ground time. She put her shoes all by herself! Wooo!!! I can’t believe it, she can really do it!




while they played, I prepared food for the upcoming week as I won’t have much time cooking. So, for lunch I prepared ingredients for salad: romaine, golden beets, cucumber, tomato, roasted squash, grilled chicken and brown/wild rice.


dressing was made with greek yogurt, honey, dijon mustard and lemon.


for dinner I prepared okara, japanese kabocha, seaweed salad and more brown/wild rice


just as I finished, they arrived home


you can tell that she really enjoyed the alone-time with Star


Dinner: chinese gnocchi with bok choy


I had kabocha, okara, seaweed salad, pickle and purple sweet potato


Sofia had noodles with homemade pomodoro sauce


she finished the bowl 😉


this Monday Star had to say goodbye to us


it was so hard for me to watch Sofia giving kisses to Star, and not knowing that she won’t see her dad for a while again


and I know it was even harder for Star to leave, he really bounded with Sofia this time and loves her even more than before


but it is all for the good of the family and he’ll return in no time. Meanwhile, we will miss him and wait for his return because what makes the happiest is when we are together.



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2 responses to “Life & Eats: week 6/2

  1. Glad the cast came off!

    Sorry that Star had to leave. Good job getting so much meal prep done! Have a good week!

  2. Oh! I hope Star will return soon! And I love Sofia’s little bike, but I bet you are getting tired of it! LOL 😉

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