Toddler: 20 months

We have a little lady girl here! Look her, isn’t she big and adorable??? 😉

The biggest thing this month was she getting femur fracture… poor girl. But she’s finally done with it!!! Although she still doesn’t walk as before, she walk as she still have the cast on, but we can see her progress everyday. 🙂


Sleep: she’s going to bed at night late this month, around 9pm when she finally fell asleep. I blame this to Star, who spends good 30-40 min taking the bath/playing with her, which keeps her excited and awake! He’s leaving soon so I’ll retake the torch on the night shift and she should be back to 8:30pm schedule soon. However, she’s been waking up later than before as well, 7-7:30am instead of 6am. No complain on that. 😉 She’s still napping 1.5-2 hrs at the daycare and when she’s at home, she’d nap when she gets the chance, either in the car or late afternoon when we get back.


Eating: not doing good. Since she fell, her activity level decreased dramatically and therefore appetite went from small to non existent. On top of that, she got some hand, feet and mouth disease and got some bad blister in her mouth and couldn’t eat well for almost a week. So, she hasn’t eating much solid food this month, just bites of fruits/cheese/bread, really bites in each meal. Fortunately her milk intake went up, from 1 cup max per day to 2-3 cups nowadays. Part of the bad eating could be due to me being less strict with eating manners. Instead of eating at meal times, I’ve been letting her snack whenever she asks for it, which makes her not wanting to eat at meal time. I allowed this to happen because I thought not being able to walk and run was already harsh for her, so I didn’t want to push her in other aspects. Therefore we let her eat whenever she wanted, carried her to everywhere, and overall less strict with her. Need to get back to old routines soon.



She surprised us with how well she did for the 6 weeks that she had the cast. I think from week 2 or 3, she started to accept the fact that the cast was her new company and she had to get used to it. She was happy walking and even running with it.


her laughing and happy face made us feel less guilty of what happened


I love love her silly face


when she had the blister in her mouth, she got very frustrated because she wanted to eat and couldn’t, that broke our heart!


but she’s such a happy baby that when she is not eating, she is still happy playing


New developments:

Talking: she is learning so fast these days. New words that she’s saying consistently:

  • huqi (go down in shanghainese)
  • mano (hand in spanish)
  • papa apa (pick me up dad in spanish)
  • one two
  • uno dos (one two in spanish)
  • hambre (hungry spanish)
  • shoe
  • wawa (doll in shanghainese)
  • si (yes)
  • tren (train in spanish)
  • Debbie (teacher’s name)
  • Gougou (dog in shanghainese)
  • apple
  • ayi (auntie in chinese)
  • out
  • niaoniao (bird in chinese)

She also recognize things in the book when I point them (pantalon, yogurt, banana, wawa, media, zapato, auto, pelota, frutilla, pelota, globe rojo, adeng, telefono)

She learned to take her Pj by herself in the crib.

She loves playing with our neighbor’s kid. Although they’re older than her and doesn’t really play with her, she enjoys just being close to them and pretend that they’re playing together with the ball. so cute!
She likes to give order to us to sit and where to sit.

She has been more attached to me lately. Whenever she’s sleepy or uncomfortable, she wants me to hold her. I love that she really gives me hug, putting her head in my chest.

She finally likes playing with Star


they spent a lot of time alone. Star is great with her, has more patience to play with her than I do, and that is paying back!


I love her more than ever, not only because she’s my baby, but because she makes me so happy. I can feel that she likes me and needs me and if everything else disappear and I’m the only one there, she’d be happy too.


Happy 20 months my lovely Sofia!

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