Life: childhood friend visit

The last 10 days I spent 24/7 with my friend Kaffee, who happened to be my very first friend in life. We met at the daycare when we were 18 months. 32 years later, we are still friends and probably the closest we’ve ever been. We planned for a vacation together since last year…. changed the destination a couple of times and ended up being her visiting me, which turned out AMAZING!!!


She arrived on Thursday 5/23 midnight. The following day I took her to my work place, walked around DC to get a flavor of the city that I live. We both got sun burn.

On Saturday we went to the 100 days party of Laura, daughter of my friend Susan.


On Sunday, we went to the church together then host a BBQ party at home.


Monday memorial day, we went shopping, some real shopping, crazy kind of shopping 😆


Then on Tuesday 5/27 we took a bus to NYC. We talked all the way there, almost 5 hrs! 🙂 When we arrived, there was a bit of rain so perfect time for lunch.

IMG_0939 IMG_0941

we both had a bento box with fish and assorted sides.


we were really excited about the place we were going to stay, a loft that I found through It was the 4th floor of a high rise apartment located at 48th st & 8th ave, called icon. We immediately felt in love with the place. The decor, the display, even the pantry items were all perfect, out of our expectation. If we had to stay there our entire trip, we’d happily do.


after a short rest, we went out to explore NYC.


after exploring a bit, we called it a day and had dinner at a vietnamese place 1 block away of the apartment. Kaffee had pho and I had a basket of veggies steamed served with a ginger lemongrass sauce and brown rice.


we enjoyed the meal very much 🙂


the next day we started with MOMA store because we arrived early and the museum was still closed. To our surprise, that was all we did that morning, 2 hrs at the store!!!


we got so lost among all the innovative and beautiful gadgets that we felt like being in adult-disneyland.


but we had a lunch date to catch… meeting with Maggie. She looks gorgeous, the motherhood really suits her well. So happy to see her happy! 🙂 We met at Franchia, a vegan restaurant. I had the vegetarian stone bowl that was delicious! Will go back there next time!


after a short rest at “home” we went to MOMA again, this time to the museum. It was interesting, but to be honest, we liked the store 100 times more. 😉


on Thursday we got up early. I prepared a quick breakfast which pantry items that were available and we went out for a self-guided day long walking tour.


on the ferry to the Statue


Although I’ve been to NYC many times, it was my first time getting on the status of liberty island.


love love this picture: the time got freezed for us to print that moment in our memory forever.


then we visited the Wall Street, the High Line and had lunch at Souen, probably my favorite place to eat in NYC. I had the macro plate and we shared a chocolate mousse for dessert. Such a satisfying meal. 🙂


a short rest at “home” and we went to our last destination, Central Park.


and had italian pizza at Don Antonio for dinner. It was rated as top 10 pizza place in NYC and it did not disappoint.


We arrived DC on Friday afternoon. We both enjoyed the NYC trip a lot. It was nice to be away for few days alone to explore the city, to connect with each other.

On Saturday we hosted another BBQ party.


then we biked at sunset for over an hour…. enjoyed the view and the sweat.

Sunday was Kaffee’s last day. We went to church in the morning


then went to Chez Francois for lunch together with my friend Ruwei. The drive was a bit adventurous… so much laughing moments! 🙂


8 courses meal happened during the 2 hrs chat.




Kaffee left this morning and I am still not recovered from missing her presence. She is such a pleasant person to be with. Although we haven’t been together for more than a couple of hours for the last 30 years, being with her the last 10 days 24/7 felt like second nature, like we’ve been living together all this time. A truly amazing and magical feeling. It was not only me that loved her company, Sofia was obsessed with her from day 3. Often times Sofia preferred playing with Kaffee than me, and “tells” her things that wouldn’t tell me! This girl has some real charm!!!

Having a life long friend is precious…. having a life long friend who shares the deepest values with you is almost unthinkable. I’m the lucky to have both and I am truly grateful.

Although i am sad that she left, I am hopeful that more trips like this will happen in the near future. Although we both have kids now and logistically more complicated to travel, we are both certain that if we want it to happen, it will happen. 🙂



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2 responses to “Life: childhood friend visit

  1. So glad that you got to spend quality time with your childhood friend! And that you got to spend some one-on-one time with her in NYC! Sounds like a very nice trip! And how nice that Sofia felt so comfortable with her!

  2. What a wonderful visit/vacation with your friend! So happy to hear that distance hasn’t affected your friendship. 🙂

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