Food: first WIAW

This is my first WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday Post), but it actually happened on Thursday. It seems ages ago when I blogged about whole day eats. I like to do one every now and then to see how my routine changes over time.

I woke at 5:10 AM and got up at 5:30 AM. After my workout, Sofia was already waiting for me (7:15 AM). It was a good morning because she played quietly in the crib for 30 min before I went to pick her up. She was sooo happy to see me. After shower, dressing and makeup, while Sofia played by my side, we went down for breakfast.

Mine: green tea latte + english muffin toast with avocado and jumbo fried egg + peach


love the combo of avocado and egg


Sofia had milk, french toast and banana, which she requested to finish to last few bites in the car. We left home at 8:15 AM.


arrived around 9 AM, dropped her at the daycare and arrive office at 9:30AM. I had a meeting from 9:30-11 AM, with a drill in between :(. When I came back, there were cakes, doughnuts, croissant, etc, at the front desk. It was one of our assistant’s birthday, a perfect excuse to have treats for all of us. Since I was going to have another meeting between 12:30-2pm, I picked one croissant and one cookie for snack, paired with a heavy-in-soy cream coffee. Soooo good!!


after the meeting, I felt leaving the building for a bit of air and sun. Since the snack kept me quite full, I went to Chopt for lunch. I had romaine, broccoli, tomato, beet and avocado with their spa caesar dressing. Loved the crunch and freshness. After lunch, I went to the bicycle shop to try out the bike I saw the week before. Unfortunately it was too big for me, so the search continues. 😦


back to office and before to call it a day, I had a navel orange and dark chocolate.


then I reunited with Sofia. She was busy riding the bike but was happy to see mama! 😉


a bit of traffic on the way back


once home, we played a bit with the new toy, a puzzle set


she “practiced” more walking


so proud


I think we can take the cast off and she’d be running 😯


we had dinner together. Sofia had bun, cheese, pea, banana, yogurt and milk. Didn’t touch the egg-cheese-wrap that I kindly prepared. Oh well…. I tried.


I had chinese greens stir fry with mushrooms, leftover spicy kabocha and oatmeal.


It was a long dinner 6:45-7:45pm. After I put everything into the dish wash, we went up for the night routine: while I take off makeup, Sofia brushes her teeth. Then I sponge bath her. Cream,diaper and Pj. By 8:15pm, we were in her room. I hold her for few minutes, she gave me a couple of kisses and I asked her if she’s ready to go to bed to sleep with “wawa” (doll). If she doesn’t say no, then I take her to the crib. Put the two dolls besides her and say goodbye. She’d wave back and I leave the room. Tonight she fell asleep at 8:39pm.

Night snack: corn + peppermint tea.


9:15 pm: go to bed, read until 10pm and turn off the light.

That’s a pretty typical day of Sofia and I when we are alone. Star went on a short trip this Monday and coming back tonight.



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2 responses to “Food: first WIAW

  1. It was fun seeing what you ate and some of your routine! I can’t believe how comfortable Sofia seems to be with the cast…

  2. Sofia gets along so well with that cast! What a trooper!

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