Life: 5/2-5/11

Life is going with flying colors. I love our family time of three. For those of you who live as a small family as way of life (aka. no grandparents) might not appreciate it, but in our case, it has been less than 50 days in total for the last 19 months, and I am loving it! Of course, it doesn’t mean I don’t miss my parents and I don’t find sweet and convenient to have them around because they do help a lot and extended family life is good. Nowadays I have to do everything myself and have almost no ME time, but I still love it!!! This is how it supposed to be, right? Furthermore, my mom is having great time in Shanghai so I feel even a bit noble to let her enjoy her time there.

Let’s recap a bit because I need record this…. such a precious time. 🙂
Sofia despite having the cast, she’s been participating all kind of activities at daycare, including water play! Thanks to the teachers who kindly wrap her cast very well.



Saturday 5/3
morning spent on farmer’s market and groceries shopping. At the evening, we invited a family, friend of Star, for dinner.


I prepared a salad and asparagus corn goat cheese frittate as starter



slow cooked beef with veggies as entree. I used short ribs this time and used the Le creuset. Everyone loved it, even their daughter of 10 yrs old asked for seconds.


As dessert we had fruit salad with ice cream and this beautiful fruit pie.


Sofia had great time playing their daughters.


Sunday 5/4
Church service by myself because Sofia slept the whole time in the car, Star by her side. 🙂 And then we had friends over for lunch. After that, Star and Bami played ping pong while moms chatted


and babies watched. 🙂


Then I took Sofia for a long walk


while she had a smoothie in the new cup. I haven’t taken long walks “alone” for a long time, and it was lovely. It is a perfet time to free the mind and soak up the fresh air.


Sofia learned to stand and even walk with her cast. So dangerous but can’t “convince” her not to. I think as long as she’s not in pain, it shouldn’t delay her recovery.




On Friday 5/9 I had a relaxed work day so I asked Star to come to have lunch with me. We went to Le Chaumiere with a colleage of mine and her husband. We shared appetizers and I had sea scallop as entree.


After lunch we went to a cycling store, and we decided for two bicycles. Unfortunately they didn’t have it in stock so we’ll have to go back next weekend. It was nice to feel to be “on weekend” during work day. The food was just a plus.

We then picked up Sofia and look what she has been working the whole week. Present for Mom! How lovely~~~

We then went to Homedepot. We finally bought a grill. Since we moved in, we wanted to have BBQ at backyard with friends. Last summer Star was not here and Sofia was too young, but this year, even before Star came back, I put “buying a grill” at top of the to-do list. I did a bit of search online and decided to get the Weber 2 burner BBQ system. It’s medium size grill, does not take a lot of space, has great reviews and really easy to use. We got it assembled, so we only had to connect it to the propane and it was running.

Saturday 5/10
Farmer’s market and groceries as usual. It’s incredible how much time it takes, fortunately I love doing groceries and Sofia too because she loves sampling! 🙂 We stayed at home in the afternoon. An old classmate of Star came to have tea while Sofia and I napped. And then Star took Sofia to a friend’s house while I re-arranged clothes and prepared dinner. Oh right…. since last week our evening routine consists of Star taking Sofia to the playground when we get home while I cook dinner. Everyone is happy with this because Star gets to spend time bounding with Sofia; Sofia gets to play; I get some alone time while doing what I love (cooking). When they return, everyone is in good mood for dinner. After dinner, Star does the cleaning while I bath Sofia and put her in bed.

Sunday 5/11
After the church service, I had to go to WF and Tj’s again for last minute shopping, in preparation for the first BBQ. I invited my best friends over and we have a wonderful time, so good that they all want us to do it every week! 🙂 We didn’t officially celebrate the Mother’s day but my friends were kindly enough to bring flowers for me.


Making BBQ is really easy. I prepared two salad as sides, a cheese plate as appetizer, and a fruit salad for dessert.





My friend Agustin was in charge of making the BBQ. The menu included: vegetables (onion, bell peppers, corns), chicken breast, chicken drum, beef (2 kinds), pork chop and sausage from farmer’s market.



It was a perfect summer afternoon, ideal weather to be outdoor. I loved the food (so fresh and tasty despite how simple it was prepared), the company (they are the best!), and the conversation (so many gossip). I’m starting to like the possibility of throwing a BBQ party every weekend. 😉

Q: What do you like making at the grill?



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2 responses to “Life: 5/2-5/11

  1. I’m glad you are enjoying your time as a family of 3! Sofia is such a pro getting around with the cast!

    Your BBQ looks delicious! I love to grill lots and lots of veggies (really any kind) and tri tip.

  2. You’ve been busy! Glad to see Sofia is managing well with her cast.

    We love our meats grilled on the BBQ!

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