Sofia: 19 months food

I enjoy reading about what other parents feed to their toddlers so I thought I share mine as well. These are random examples of what Sofia has been eating lately

oatmeal cooked with sweet potato, frozen corn and peas, and parmesan cheese


french toast with honey


oatmeal with Tj’s meat loaf and frozen veggies


flourless cookies (beans + almond butter + honey and raisin). She’d have two for breakfast together with 3-4 oz. of milk


scrambled egg + veggie burger


smoothie (banana, yogurt, milk)


brown rice pasta with homemade meat sauce with veggies


stir-fry rice


What’s your toddler/kids favorite meal?


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One response to “Sofia: 19 months food

  1. Diana

    My daughter is 14 months and I’ve been having so much fun feeding her new things! She loves raspberries and strawberries, sautéed chicken breast, green beans, mashed potatoes, and whatever mama is eating. 🙂

    I love reading your updates, by the way. I found your blog when my pregnancy was beginning and yours was almost done.

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