Life: 4/19-5/1

It has been ages since I last blogged. Life got busier than usual with the arrival of Star, Sofia getting a femur fracture on her leg (detail below), and then busy weekends that made blogging time nonexistent.

Let’s rewind to the weekend of Star’s arrival first. Star arrived on Sat 4/19 evening so I still had alone time before his arrival. We did groceries together


got a sunscreen for Sofia now that the daycare will take the kids out more often


our new tradition of visiting farmer’s market on Sat morning


she loves testing fresh fruits


I got white sweet potato, probiotic yogurt, lettuce and baby kale


Saturday afternoon we spent at the playground for the birthday party of Beatriz, my boss’s daughter. Sofia had a lot of fun

IMG_0478 IMG_0479

was obsessed with the ball

IMG_0481 IMG_0484

once home, we did a baking project together

IMG_0492 IMG_0499

a flourless cookie made with pinto beans, almond butter, honey and raisin. Delicious!!!


Sunday morning, we all went to the morning service


and then Star assembled the new toy for Sofia


she was so excited to ride on it


love love love her silly face


then we went to the playground, she met some new friends


got really adventurous, but then she fell!!! 😯 from like 6 feet high!!

IMG_0543 IMG_0544

when she landed she immediately started crying really hard. Nothing could comfort her, although she seeks comfort in me, she still kept crying. I had to walk back home (30 min walk) holding her. And then she fell asleep


I thought it was not serious but then when she woke up she started crying again, so we decided to take her to the ER.


after the physical examination and x-ray, the diagnosis was femur fracture on her right leg. we went home with the band and was told to go to the pediatric orthopedic a week from the accident because the swelling has to go down because they can put the cast. The doctor assured us that it will have no long term damage, so we were relieved.

So for the next two days we all stayed at home. She didn’t have any pain, except for Monday that she was not in good mood because she didn’t sleep well the night before, and because the newly immobility. The first night was even tougher because she was not used to the immobilized leg so she didn’t know how to turn while sleeping, so I stayed besides her to “assist” her with turnings. Needless to say I was beyond exhausted the next day. Fortunately the next day, she seemed to forget about the accident and was happy again. But she only wants me, she wants nothing to do with Star. So I had to hold her and transport her around all the time. Oh… how fast I forgot that! It seems ages ago that I had to do that. On Wednesday we took Sofia to the daycare for few hours so she could get some interaction and activity with her friends. Star stayed there with her in case she needs assistance. She did great, she loves being with her friends and teachers, so we continued to let her go for the rest of the week with Star’s companion.



on Thursday we noticed the wrap was lose so we took her back to the ER to rewrap it


Friday was one of the teacher’s 40 yrs birthday. together with other friends we gave a nice gift for the teacher. I think it’s really a nice gesture to express our appreciation for their hard work to make sure our kids to be safe and happy.


Saturday we went out for lunch with some friends. Sofia behaved really well… stayed in her chair and played food/water for +2 hrs.


the food was generous and tasty. I had tilapia baked with lobster.



on Monday 4/28 we took Sofia to the pediatric orthopedic


they took a new set of the x-ray


and put the cast. She will have to wear it for 4.5 weeks!!!!!!!! 😯


poor little girl!

Fortunately she continues to be the silly/happy girl everyday, she quickly adjusted to her new mobility skill and manages the move around by herself (1 leg + 2 arms crawling?) 🙂

Weekend is looming and we have a full agenda. 🙂



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4 responses to “Life: 4/19-5/1

  1. Poor Sofia….and poor Mom! Glad to hear she’s managing well, though. I can’t imagine! 😦

  2. Poor Sofia! 4.5 weeks is a long time! I hope it goes by quickly…. My older son broke his arm when he was 2, and I still remember it…

  3. Oh no!! Sofia! I hope she gets better soon!

  4. thedelicateplace

    omg i am so behind on blog reading! star is back! but sofia broke her leg?! you must have been so worried! i’m glad to hear she is healing and not too much longer now with the cast! hang in there x

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