Life & Eats: 3/24

I got sick last week for 3 days. High fever and stomach discomfort. I suspect it was a stomach virus. Fortunately it went away pretty fast.

On Wednesday we went for Sofia’s 18 months checkup. She’s such a big girl already! I can’t believe she’s my daughter! I seriously still doubt this fact even 18 months later.

The checkup went fast, everything is going well. Here we were just waiting for the shots


I asked her to pose for me and she went silly



as usual, she cried for 5 secs and stopped.

Nowadays we don’t use the stroller going to the daycare anymore because S is a very independent girl and likes to walk alone and takes stairs all by herself


even takes her shoes off and put them in the basket


on Friday I finished work early and went to pick her up right after woke up from the nap. Time for snack! This time she had 1/3 fruit bar and grapes.



Let’s see what Sofia learned this week:

music class

photo 2

photo 1

a lot of reading

photo 3


photo 2

are we having a little artist here? 😉

photo 1

last weekend I took her to the playground and we had so much fun!


priceless smiles!!! I’d give up my life for it!!!


for the first time, Sofia played all by herself. I was there just to watch her. She was so excited of the newly acquired freedom


if she fell, I’d encouraged her to get up and try another way


she loved the independence and my trust on her


Recently I started letting her go (these are STRONG WORDS!!!)


I let her BE!


I was full of pride but a bit of sad. She’s just 18 months… and it’s already so hard on me to let her be independent sometimes. I hope it gets easier.


due to the sickness, I didn’t cook as much as I planned. But I made a ramen once I felt better


so easy to make and so comforting! 🙂 Need to make it again.

A salad with milanesa of tilapia. To be honest, it wasn’t so good.


Good was my Saturday breakfast: pumpkin peanut pancakes with blueberries and a lot of syrup




Saturday we did groceries (got some new goodies for Sofia to try next week) and had visitors. We ended up going out for dinner, after 30 min wait on one place we decided to just go to have Pho. Saturday dining out is not meant to be for toddlers!

Sunday: I made a pound cake for mom. It’s something that she loves but shouldn’t have it often. The last time I made it was more than 6 months ago, so this time when she asked me to make one, i said yes. Plus… she’s going back to China soon 😦

photo 1

and I packed for a business trip next week. Unfortunately this time I can’t take them with me, I’ll miss them so much! 😦

photo 2



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4 responses to “Life & Eats: 3/24

  1. Sorry you got a stomach virus, but I’m glad you got over it quickly.

    Sofia is such an independent little girl! I love all the pics, especially the ones at the doctor’s office.

    Have a good trip! Sorry you won’t be able to take Sofia and your mom!

  2. It sounds like you have a fabulous daycare for Sofia! I remember park days…..they were so much fun. I used to take my kids there all the time. All your food looks awesome, as usual. I’d love if you could post that ramen recipe, though! 😉

    I’m glad your tummy virus was short lived…’s no fun feeling ill. 😦

  3. Hope you feel better – I cannot believe your daughter is 18 months already?! It does go fast – can’t believe mine just turned 22!

  4. Awww I can imagine how hard it is to have your mom leave! Are you staying with Sofia alone for a good while? Hope the transition goes well~and she is such a big girl now! I can feel your bittersweet emotions–such a challenge to let them go!

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