Life & Eats: 3/17

It has been a fun week for Sofia. She got to paint a birdhouse


On Spring day, they planted flower seeds. Sofia looks like she’s been doing this her whole life!

photo 1 photo 2

the teacher even asked me whether I plant at home…. no, ZERO talent for that. I guess Sofia will be in charge of that from now on. πŸ˜‰

we had a big party at the school on Thursday, where Sofia danced with her favorite partner in class

IMG_9928 IMG_9926

each family brought their traditional food from their country and look the feast

IMG_9930 IMG_9931

sushi, smosas

IMG_9932 IMG_9933

arepas (Venezuela dish), lasagna

IMG_9934 IMG_9935

rice pulao, salad

IMG_9936 IMG_9937

a russian dish, my empanadas

IMG_9938 IMG_9939

and a lot more. I strategically skipped lunch that day to eat as a beast for a very early dinner. My favorite dish was sushi and roll-less sushi rice, I need to make some at home!!!

On Saturday we went to the mall because Sofia URGENTLY needs a new pair of shoes. The ones she currently wears is for stage-2 babies, therefore the sole is too soft and would not support her all-day running feet. One mom of the kids at the daycare recommended Stride-Rite and there we went. They were having a good deal so we decided to get two pairs. Unfortunately they didn’t have Sofia’s size so we went home with no shoes but I ordered it online. One of the pairs is a white sandal, pictured below.


yeah… I took her pants off to try it properly πŸ˜‰

Sunday we stayed in and Sofia discovered magnets in the fridge and she played with them for 20 min alone. I NEED TO GET SOME MORE MAGNETS!!! πŸ˜†



and then she was really happy that I finally allowed her to play with the rice box





yes my darling…. everything could be a toy!


finally we did groceries. $120 worth of food. I don’t know why we spend so much on groceries each week 😦 How people manage to do it in <300???

photo 3

Last week I was in charge in cooking dinners because I was a bored with my mom’s cooking lately. I used 3 of the cook smarts menu

#1 Panko crusted fish taco

IMG_9912 IMG_9913

Love it. So simple and so delicious. I will definitely use the technique again.

#2: butternut squash curry


served over brown rice. It had good flavor and really easy to prepare. And I had two serving in the freezer. Yeah~

#3: Chicken Thai Basil stir-fry


this one was just okay, and leftovers were not as good as freshly prepared.

One night I had spinach cannelloni and roasted asparagus.


Sunday’s lunch: soba & broccoli salad with ginger-sesame-miso sauce,

photo 1

topped with fried seaweed

photo 2

Overall I like cooksmarts. It’s easy to use, simple ingredients, quick preparation and it allows me to try new dishes. However, I won’t be subscribing to it now because I can do the preparatory work (deciding the recipe, figuring out what to buy, what preparation can be done in advance, etc). Most importantly it is because I have a lot of recipes I want to try first. In the future, when I run out of ideas/recipes to try, I might subscribe to it. For the moment, I’ll incorporate some of its ideas: i) decide on 4 dishes for dinner; ii) prepare the groceries list accordingly; iii) figure out what I can prepare in advance (chopping the veggies for example); iv) make the dish! hopefully I don’t spend more than 30 min. πŸ™‚

Q: What’s your method of planning/preparing for your meals?



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2 responses to “Life & Eats: 3/17

  1. When Sarah was Sofia’s age I had a magnet set for the fridge that was a big barbie type doll in an outfit similar to a bathing suit. Then there were tons of magnet “clothes/shoes/hats, etc. She played with that for a long time and creating different outfits kept her busy while I got stuff done in the kitchen area. Bet Sofia would like something like that! πŸ˜‰

  2. Sofia looks so grown up in the painting pics!

    I plan meals most weeks. Since I do a lot of pre-cooking on Sundays, I usually plan a few proteins, several cooked and raw veggie dishes, a grain, and a soup. I cook enough for 2 – 3 days on Sunday and then again on Wednesday. After I make my list of dishes, we go grocery shopping at the store as well as at the Farmers’ Market on Saturday and Sunday.

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