My everyday life: week 2/24 & 3/3

I am being less consistent with blogging….very “bad”. I need to get back to “schedule” because I don’t want my life to slip away without recording it. Everyday spent with Sofia seems so precious.

Last weekend we went to visit a 2 weeks-old baby Laura. I really miss those early days of Sofia, so tiny, so fragile, so surreal. Sofia had fun playing around, eating +10 full size dumplings and tried the rocking bed


the next day we went to see Live Butterflies at Smithonian Natural Museum


I didn’t know what to expect of Sofia’s reaction to see the butterflies


this is the amazing thing about kids…. you never know what to expect! 😆


she was observant of it, a bit scared too


butterflies are so pretty


and then we went to a friend’s who has a daughter too


they still don’t know how to play together other than wanting the same thing. Sofia tried for the first time dry kiwi


and she “signed” for more


she played quietly at the girl’s table for a long time (like 20 min?


after 2 hrs, they’ve losen up and started to interact a bit. Look how tiny Sofia looks besides this girl, who’s just 2 months older


and groceries basket fits her well


she didn’t want to put it down


on Monday.. we had another snow day (hopefully the last of the season!) and we created a busy box for her


but it entertained her for barely 10 min and she wanted to paint


I’m losing my blogger instinct of taking pics of food lately (lack of practice!), so I only have two food pics: batch of healthy cookies I made for Sofia’s breakfast


it turned out a bit of dry, so I’m serving it with warm milk

I’ve been having this breakfast combo since we came back from Panama: egg omelette filled with greens and turkey breast/smoked salmon + toast


high protein breakfast works the best!

we’ve been dancing a lot lately. Sofia loves music and whenever we put music on, she’d grab my hand and invite me to dance with her


I love it!


where she got the dancing-with-a-partner idea? at the daycare. She dances with her little friends in a daily basis


Sofia: “don’t be so distracted! Focus on your partner!”


look how passionate is his friend Dani


they also had a artistic week. They painted a large canvas


painted with frozen watercolor ice cubes

that was fun!


their art studio teacher is amazing…so creative!


I started reading All Joy and No Fun


and finished it. It’s eye opening. It’s not a book on how to parent but to learn the effect of having kids on our life, how they change us!


the best summery quote: “having kids is economically worthless but emotionally priceless!” I can’t agree more!

Yesterday we celebrated international women day by getting a set of table and chair for Sofia


her first “studio” at home


After assembling the table/chair, put away all Christmas decorations (yes, very late) and hang the curtains, I met with a friend for a movie night. We watched Non-Stop, a quite entertaining 110 mins, and end the evening with a quinoa salad at Le Pain Quotidien.


It was my first girl-date for a LONG time, I really enjoyed it, need to do it more often.

This morning we woke up early because someone wanted to rise early to play 👿


she wanted to play ball with us


and we have 10 min of silly laughing and running together


another advantage of having kids? Any moment could be a terrible fun and entertaining moment


they have the power to make us laugh with them without any major reason, such as running behind a ball 😆


Another two fun weeks. Thanks Sofia for making my life so fruitful, exciting and full of surprises! 🙂


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  1. I need to get back in the habit of blogging too – I want a record of this time in my life!!

    The book looks good. I plan on reading it soon!

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