My everyday life: week 14

Happy Valentine Days 😆


Star sent us flower, bear and chocolates. I’m his big lover and Sofia is his little lover… the only lover that I’m comfortable with! 😉

Sofia woke up with great mood and we dressed her as a big girl


she was so sweet giving me hugs and kisses



so playful as usual 😉


we didn’t do much during the day, had a friend visiting, and went out for dinner while I had a massage (my lower back was so stiff :evil:).

Sofia was too busy looking around and ate nothing. Well…. her mama gave her too many snacks during the day 😦



Lately she’s been going to bed later than usual, more like 8-8:30 instead of 7:30, so we’ll have more dinner dates in the future! 🙂

Last weekend we had a birthday party at one of my grad school friends


this girl tried sugar coated popcorns for the first time and didn’t want to put the bowl down!


I’m not very restrictive with her… it’s okay that she eats sweets as long as it is not in a daily basis


She had her first couple dance at the daycare last week…. soooo cute 🙂


music class


I took a pic of the kids waiting for their morning snack and I can’t believe how big they are, and so organized


the class had its first incidence last week… and guess who’s the offender? Sofia! 😯


Don’t be fool by her tiny size and “innocent” look… she’s nothing but innocent. She’s the most confident and “aggressive” kid in the class. She doesn’t like kids to be too close to her, whenever they approach her, she’d push them away. So last Wednesday, when Dani got closer to her to pick a toy, she pushed him away and scratched his face. Although she didn’t hurt him intentionally, it was bad enough for the teacher to write an incidence report. When I went to pick her up, she was in the other class and Dani was crying. I felt so sorry to the boy.. he’s such an angel boy. Sofia instead, the devil girl, was playing. When she saw me and I made a face to her, she immediately knew she did something wrong. She cried for a bit, and then looked at us feeling guilty. I hope she learned her lesson and be kinder with her friends.

I don’t feel guilty that Sofia behaved that way because I know I didn’t teach her that and it didn’t come out from imitation either. The only reason she’s naturally more aggressive is because it’s in her genes!!! I was just like that when I was a kid. However, I do feel I have the responsibility to teach her good manners, and be nice to people who are kind to her.


a Valentine’s gift for the parents. Due to snow storm we had this week, Sofia didn’t get to finish it.


Food highlight of the last two week: rice bar! I’ve tried almost all their combos (white/brown/purple rice, yam/buckwheat noodles, with all varieties of toppings!)


And we’re packed for another trip!!! Where? Panama City! 😆


look how much snacks I packed for Sofia for the 5 hrs flight.


Stay tuned for our 8D/7N trip recap! 🙂



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2 responses to “My everyday life: week 14

  1. Great photos!

    Have a great trip! You are certainly prepared for the flight! 🙂

  2. What a great post,Coco! I love Sofia’s green and blue polka dot sweater and her pony tails! I wouldn’t worry too much about her aggression. It’s pretty normal. My son use to pinch when he didn’t get his way. They outgrow it. 😉

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