Life: happy new year & videos

Happy Chinese New Year! Chinese-New-Year-2014-Horse-1

We didn’t celebrate it this year because Star and my Dad and all of our chinese friends are in China, so we didn’t feel festival enough to celebrate it. However, we did dress Sofia for the day


we went to a mall where there were chinese performances. Unfortunately Sofia wasn’t feeling very well that day… a bit lethargic, sleepy and not in good mood, so we left early.


I really hope next year we can celebrate the new year as a family altogether!


we didn’t even make any special meal, instead I had this combo as breakfast this week: green juice, scrambled egg white with ketchup, smoked salmon and toasted tortilla


and we did some filming for Sofia’s recent new skills 😆

#1 Sofia eating her morning snack at the daycare. Look how she’s mastering the spoon

#2 Sofia throwing trash

Although I am a bit sad that we didn’t had a proper new year celebration, Sofia made it a bit less “painful”.



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2 responses to “Life: happy new year & videos

  1. Happy New Year, Coco!

    I hope your family will be able to be together next year!

  2. She is such a smart little girl! And zommmmgshhhh these videos made me smile and googoogahgah so much, haha. I’m sure it’s really tough not having a lot of your family nearby~but may this year be a blessed one in many different ways!

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