Toddler: 16 months

This month Sofia learned to express herself better about her needs/wants. This is helpful for us to understand her and it amazes us how much she wants to “dictate” our life. 😉 She understands more and more everyday and knows what she can demand for. Although she’s so active these days, I still get to hug her and snuggle with us often because I’m still her favorite person in the world! 🙂


Sleep: it has been bumpy this month. First because I was away 10 days and she stayed home all that time. The lack of physical and mental stimulation made her night sleep not so good. For two nights she woke up several times and stayed up for quite a while. Poor grandma had to stay with her otherwise she’s scream. Her naps got a bit longer. If she takes only 1 nap a day around 1pm, she’d nap for 2+ hrs. If she takes two naps, the first one would be 1-2 hrs, the second one 30-60 min. The second incident that disrupted her good night sleep was the incident to the ER. After that, I indulged her by patting her or accompanying her until she fell asleep. I did that for two nights and she quickly realized that was better than falling sleep alone, so from those two nights onward, she refused to sleep alone (day and night), and I ended up going to her bedroom and be there for her until she’s asleep. Her bedtime has been delayed until almost 8:30pm. It has been a week like that, and we know it’s time to revert to the old good habit, so we’ll have to “sleep train her” again. Hopefully it only takes a couple of days.


Eating: it wasn’t a good month either. Although sometimes she still feeds herself, most of the time she’s done after only few bites. And me, afraid of her not getting enough, would chase her around the house and give her bites of food. Obviously that’s not good and she realized she still gets to eat even she plays. A no no method for sure but hard to break the habit when your child is only 10th percentile on weight. The other issue we have is lack of variety in her food. Coming up with dinner ideas is a daily struggle… and we often resort to the safe bet, things that we know she’d eat some, instead of exploring new options, which although she might not like it first, after several attempts, she eventually likes them. We’ll have to work more on this next month. I plan to start keeping a dairy of what she eats to see if in a matter of days/weeks, her intake balances out.

Food that she likes: smoothies (milk, yogurt, banana, applesauce/blueberries/raspberries), mini wonton, blueberries.

We started whole milk at 15.5 months old. She’d take it but not obsessed with it.


New developments:

  • she knows that we need to put shoes on before going out, so she’d bring us our shoes from the closet when we get ready. And if we ask her to put them away when we get back, she’d do it too.
  • she knows to throw things to the trash and close the door.
  • she’s learning face parts both in chinese and spanish.
  • she turns her head (meaning no) when we ask her to do things.
  • she mastered running


  • although she plays alone well, most of the time at home she prefers me sitting besides her when she plays. She mastered stacking those rings.


  • she loves going out, visiting new places. this month, we visited the Children’s museum.



  • she loves sampling foods


  • her favorite hat at the moment


  • she loves being pretty! Seriously… is this an innate thing? although she moves all the time, she’d sit still if we “beautify” her. And when she’s done, she’d drag us to the mirror to check it out



  • she loves walking around. The stroller serves bag-storage purpose these days… she wants to walk to everywhere all the time



  • she’s very good at observing our emotions. Sometimes when I get mad at her or ignore her when she whines demanding something, she’d continue for a while observing and analyzing whether I’m really mad or just pretending. If she concludes I’m serious, she’d stop whatever she’s doing that annoys me.


  • I experienced the second scared-to-death moment. Worst-ever-feeling for every parent: about to know whether your child has a serious  disease.


She continues to be the sunshine of our lives. Although sometimes I feel like I need some alone time, when I finally do have, I miss her presence, her silly face, her laughs, how her little fingers point to things, and her so proud of herself expressions. 😉 I love you Sofia!

Stats at 15 months checkup:

  • Weight: 19 lbs 13 oz. (10th)
  • Height: 30.5 inch (50th)
  • HC: 18.5 inch (75 th)


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2 responses to “Toddler: 16 months

  1. Anonymous

    love this post!

  2. Sofia is turning into such a little lady!

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