My everyday life: week 13

Last week was all about SNOW!!! We were stacked at home for most of the week. Sofia was sooo bored that by day 5 that she started to make mess around the house


poor little girl, I feel her pain. There’s so much you can do at home all day long.


we “decorated” Sofia


I took advantage of extra time at home to do some reading


mom was in charge of making delicious chinese food for me


my breakfast combo as of lately: green juice + Ezequiel bread toasted + avocado + egg


she even started reading fashion magazines 😯


push around her chair


and insisted that she had to carry her bag


these days she’s communicating really well with us. when she wants to go out, she’d point out shoes and her stroller, and then the door. On the 7th day at home, she couldn’t bare it anymore and begged us to take her out. When we got ready to go to the mall, she couldn’t hide her excitement anymore and laughed out so loud! 😀 Furthermore, nowadays she walks at the mall with us, and even has a say on which stores to visit. If it’s a store that she’s not interested, she’d drag me to walk out. I can’t even imagine what she’d be when she starts talking!

When she finally went to daycare, they had a lot of fun playing with the “paint” made with cornstarch and food coloring.



My lower bad has been in major strike lately, I even started going to chiropractic specialist. I think the problem is my poor siting position, specially when I work at home. The discomfort got so bad this week that I had to work few days at home, that I decided to invest in a proper chair. After reading all the options out there, I opted for the Aeron Herman Miller chair. It’s one of the top rated in the market and it’s super comfortable without comprising your back. I got the extra lumbar support and absolutely love it! The only downside is its price tag :(. But… i think it worth the investment.




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4 responses to “My everyday life: week 13

  1. Being stuck at home is hard! You have a little fashionista in the making!

    Sorry about the lower back pain, but I’m glad you found a good chair!

  2. OMG, that picture of your daughter with the back pack on totally reminded me of my daughter at that age – we used to call her the bag lady because she carried around so many bags! Yep, I think everyone is ready for spring!

  3. This weather has been awful! It’s not easy to entertain young ones that just want to move around. 😦

    By the way, I love your black and white carpet! Gorgeous!

  4. omg the photo with her in the pink hair rollers?! so funny and cute! p.s. i love your chevron rug too!

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