Travel: a short trip to Shanghai

Hey there! How you started 2014? I started with an amazing trip to Shanghai! I didn’t plan for it so it was a last minute kind of lovely surprise. The official reason of the trip was to go for a training, and the real reason was to visit friends and family… in particular, Star and my Dad! 🙂

After Star picked up at the airport, we checked in at the Portman Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, one of the best places to stay in Shanghai (luxurious hotel and centered location)



here’s my man…. How I missed him


Sunday morning: we went out for some local breakfast


it was a beautiful day so we walked around the hotel to digest


Christmas decor was still on


then we picked up my dad and went to Star’s home to celebrate his mom’s birthday. We also invited my niece


the food


and a chocolate mousse cake


Shortly after the celebration, Star went back to Shenzheng, where he works. We were both sad but expectant to our next reunion, the following weekend. 

I had training M-F (morning). Most of the days I had to deal with jet lag 😦 but always felt better after my morning workout


after the training, I met with friends & family almost everyday. It was nice to catch up with them after being away 2.5 years, specially after having Sofia, we had so much more to share. 


Star came back on Friday evening and we started the weekend exploring the indoor pool


look how luxurious is the changing room


I felt spoiled 😉


it has sauce, steaming room and Jacuzzi too, of which I enjoyed very much


i missed swimming……


it is located on 7th floor with a spectacular view



then we started our day fresh~~ we first went to a glasses center where I got a new pair of glass 


then we went to explore some old neighbors in shanghai…. rare to find these days


it was a rainy day but both Star and I were specially excited. 


it has been a long time since we explored a city by ourselves… we definitely missed the feeling


we felt like a newly married couple… ridiculously romantic 😉


we had seafood porridge for lunch at my favorite porridge place in the city


continued the walk and did some shopping


although I got used to be living away of Star, being with him again made me realize even more I much I miss him. 


meanwhile, Sofia spent her days playing with grandma. She was a bit bored at home because she couldn’t go to the daycare, but they managed. Look how grandma entertained her


when I came back, she welcomed me with this melt-my-heart look


my baby…. I missed you sooo much!!!!!

It was a WONDERFUL trip. I got to spend some quality time with my Dad (I visited him everyday!) and Star. The opportunity of reunite with Star alone was specially useful to reconnect us with each other, we talk about ourselves and our future as a family. I loved every minute of that. We definitely have to do it every now and then, to reconnect as a couple. It’s good for the soul. 



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2 responses to “Travel: a short trip to Shanghai

  1. Happy 2014, Coco!

    Glad you got to see Star, your dad, and friends and family!

  2. What a great trip! Glad you were able to catch up with family and friends while away. 🙂

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