Life: Happy New Year 2014

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Recap of 2013

  • Watching Sofia growing everyday is the joy of my life. I’m so blessed to have her in my world and can’t imagine my life without her. Although I knew I’d have kids one day because that’s what people do, but I never imagined I’d love being a mom as much as I do. It’s like I’ve been cut to be a mom. Sofia and I get along so well and I’m the only person who gets her, who knows how to stop her cry, how to play with her, how to make her laugh. No doubt, I’m also her favorite person in the world.
  • We almost lost my dad. It was that close but fortunately after spending 5 nights with him at the hospital, he got better and continues to recover. It was an emotional roll-coaster for the whole family, but we are thankful that it was over.
  • Work was good. I’ve been given more responsibilities and got to travel few times in 2013, to Nicaragua (3 times) and Chile. Although I had some stressful moments and difficult people to deal with, at the end, it was not too bad. It allowed me to manage stress better and know my strength.
  • Star is still based in China. It was a hard year for us. We had many fights, bad ones, and living in two continents doesn’t help. Although we understand the other’s position, sometimes that’s not enough. Only love can solve the problem and love we have.
  • Sofia had her first trip to Hawaii. Long flights, jet lag and a car-ride-hating baby was not fun, but the place was breath taking. Although traveling with a baby takes a lot of work, I’m so looking forward to our next trip (Panama in February). I want Sofia to meet the world!!!

Looking forward

  • Star coming back in February/March FINALLY! Finger crossed.
  • Take Sofia to China for the first time, probably August.
  • Get pregnant again. We really want to bring a sister/brother to Sofia before she turns 3.
  • Travels for pleasure. Although I’ve been traveling for work last year, I miss traveling for pleasure that doesn’t involve beaches. I want to explore new places/people, I want to be immerse into new cultures as a tourist. Once Star comes back, I’ll go solo trips with my friends.
  • Having my parents to come to live with us. I never thought I’d want to live with my parents when I am married, but now I can’t imagine Sofia not growing up with her grandparents. I want a full house with lots of my loved ones.




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2 responses to “Life: Happy New Year 2014

  1. Wishing you a happy & healthy 2014, Coco!

  2. happy new year! i hope you and star get your wish for him to return! i cannot imagine how difficult and how much the heart would long for a partner over that kind of distance.

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