Toddler: 15 months

We’re officially over the babyhood… I think 😉 She’s just 15 months old and I am already having nostalgia of my baby. I’ve been loving her since she was born, but this month I truly fell in love with her. I just couldn’t help my self every time that she smiles at me, that she asks for my hug, that she puts her head on my chest, that she chases me until I hold her, that she makes silly faces to me….. endless little things that melt and conquered my heart forever.


sometimes she still looks like a baby, like these pics when she first met snow… but most of the time, her look is more toddler than baby.


she’s more playful than ever. One time she didn’t nap the whole day because all she wanted was to play (according to her teacher).


Sleeping: this is the area that we had a huge break through! She’s always been good night sleeper, normally between 7:30-6:30, although early wakening happens here and there. She doesn’t fuss much and fell asleep by her own. Before we fully weaned (details below), I’d nurse her 5-10 min before night sleep, but now she doesn’t need any comfort measures. After bath, grandma walks with her to her room, dresses her pajama, put her 3 sleeping toys in her hands, and say “chau” to her. She’d wave back or say chau as well, grandma walks away. Sometimes she’d fell asleep within minutes, other times, she’d be awake but without moving much for a good 20 min and then fell asleep. The biggest break through this month is her naps. I feel we’ve been struggling with her naps like FOREVER. Although she’d take two naps, they were not predictable on when and for how long, and usually before she naps, she’d fuss or cry for 10-15 min. It was painful and headache for us. But since I went on a business trip for 3 days, she suddenly became a good napper. After her awake time of 3-4 hours, grandma walks her up to her room, put the Pj, turn on the white noise, put the toys and say “chau” to her. If she’s ready to nap, she wouldn’t fuss at all and fell asleep within 5 min. Furthermore, she’d nap for longer, usually an hour or 1.5 hrs, twice a day. This is her nap schedule at home, on days that she goes to the daycare, she’d take a nap on the ride (30-45 min), and then another nap after lunch (12:30-2pm). It was a BIG relief for us that she’s napping so well. No matter how long we’ve been hearing her fuss/cry, it’s still heart breaking.

Eating: we’re fully weaned!!! We took my last trip as the opportunity to wean her before bed feeding, and she didn’t even notice. I was sad for a while… well… sometimes I still miss it. Physically it was not an issue. I nursed her on 12/12 and went on trip, didn’t get engorged until Tuesday 12/17, then I ran to the daycare, nurse her until I felt relieved and that was the last time we nursed. Somehow after that time, my body stopped producing milk. Oddly enough, even though I haven’t nurse her on my right side for at least 3 weeks, if I squeeze it, milk still came out. But I weaned both sides, they stopped producing altogether. Some women experience hormonal withdrawal after fully weaned, I luckily didn’t. However, something did happen to my hormones because for the first time in like 4-5 months, I stopped breaking out. Since I started dropping feeds, my mouth area was breaking out like crazy and constantly, no makeup was enough to cover them up. I didn’t change my diet so it must have been the hormones. Something was out of balance. Three weeks after we weaned, I still haven’t break out. What a huge relief again!!!

Although she’s weaned, she hasn’t started whole milk yet. First, she’s not a big drinker. She’d take maybe 2-3 oz. of liquid (breast milk or water), 2-3 times a day maximum. Secondly, I still have frozen milk left, so she’d been drinking those. My stash is depleting, so sad, but I’m very proud of myself for doing this for Sofia. Some people would think that’s a big sacrifice, for me, I’d do it over and over again. She’s been using zoli since she started sippy cup, we like it and she likes it. But I think it’s not conducive to encourage her to drink more but it takes quite an effort, so I got Oxo Straw Cup for her, hope she drinks more from it. I also  offer her regular straw now because more liquid each sip, another way to get her drink more. Just the last couple of days, I started mixing milk with coconut water (chocolate flavor) and she seems to like it more than just milk.


Food-wise. She eats well, most of time at the daycare, and when I play with her. For breakfast, she waits until I finish my workout and take her with me to the bathroom while I shower. She plays while I give her bites of her breakfast. After we’re done upstairs, I’d prepare her a smoothie made with milk, yogurt, banana and some other fruit. She likes it. In term of quantity, in a normal day, she’d have a portion of baked goodies that I make for her, 2 oz. of milk, 1/2 banana, 1/4 cup of yogurt and some other fruits. For lunch and dinner, she eats by her own most of the time and finishes with some yogurt that I give her. Other times, she still needs playing to eat. I know that I’ve said I need to stop developing these bad habits, but you know what? It doesn’t bother me anymore. I know that kids go through phases, now she’s in this phase and we ride it together.  what she eats: I always offer her some vegetable (pea, corn, cherry tomato, green beans), main dish (pasta, rice, chicken nuggets, frozen homemade meals, cheese, scrambled eggs), fruits and yogurt as dessert. On a really bad day, I’d mixed main dish with yogurt and feed her while distracting her. Since she eats good amount of food during meals, we don’t always give her snacks, just as how I eat. If she didn’t eat well during meals, then snacks usually consist of fruit and/or yogurt.


New developments:

  • she’s became very vocal. She talks a lot, in her own language. She does say few words, although not consistently, like “chau” (bye in spanish), “wei” (hi in chinese). However, she understands a lot more. She understands when we ask her to close the doors, close the cabinets, take the toys back to the baskets, etc.
  • she relearned how to climb down the stairs.
  • she knows where to find me. if she wants to be with me, she’d look for me upstair, at the studio, in the basement. she’d look everywhere until she finds me.



  • make silly faces ALL the TIME, as if she knows how much joy she brings to us with those.



  • she laughs all much more nowadays. Everything seems so funny to her.


  • she LOVES to play! Her teacher says she’s sooo busy all day long! 😆
  • she likes to transport things from one place to the other
  • she likes to take things out of the cabinets
  • and most of ALL, she LOVES being with her mama. 🙂


I’ve always been her favorite person since birth, but this month she became very attached to me. She wants me to be with her ALL the time. When she knows I’m home, she’d chase me until I hold her or just be with her. Sometimes when I’m doing something like preparing food in the kitchen, she’d come and start pushing my legs away from the counter, and then make the “hug me PLEASE” expression. I’m loving this. Although sometimes it’s hard to get things done, I know this stage is short and I’ll miss this moment when she wants to be herself or with someone else, so I’m soaking it. It is also very therapeutic for me to disconnect, do nothing and be at the moment. Surprisingly, watching her playing is the most entertaining thing in the world! I feel that it allows me to get to know her more by observing how she decides what to play next, what to pick first and which toys she loves more. If you’re a mom, I highly recommend you to unplug from the world and observe your child/baby for an hour, you’ll realize how much you’ve missed.


dislikes: I think her only dislike is when I’m busy and can’t give her my full attention.


She’s such a beautiful girl (sorry i can’t help but to be honest). I can’t quite describe her personality yet, but I do know that she’s a good observer. She knows what to do or what not to do to please us or upset us. She’s outgoing and likes being around to others (the teacher told me that one day when there was no one at the daycare, she was so bored that she cried). I have a feeling that she’ll be good with people, just as her dad. 🙂

I LOVE YOU, Sofia. You are a love creator, joy generator and funniest person I’ve ever met. 

Weight: about 9.5kg.


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