Life: Sofia’s holiday gathering

Last week Sofia’s daycare organized a holiday gathering for all the kids and parents. To prepare for it, the kids “worked hard” for three days. One day… they made some paintings


the day before the made handprints


and then made some tree decorations


the final product: a Christmas tree made by the kids



Sofia has the tiniest palm of the class


it was set for lunch, so when we arrived, they were still napping, but sooner enough they woke up and ready for lunch


this pic melts my heart because Sofia’s graduated from high chair and is eating in chairs!!!


we’ve came a long way to get here


each parents brought something from their country. We had assorted dishes.. I made empanadas, as usual and everyone loved it


the kids were too distracted and didn’t eat well… but Sofia was laughing and acting silly, as usual~~~ πŸ˜†


can’t believe she’s already a toddler.. no more babyhood.




I organized a group gift for the teachers… although it was more work than I expected (coordinating 8 parents wasn’t easy!), it worth the effort because the teachers are really great. They take good care of Sofia, they make Sofia happy, more outgoing and more silly, so fun to be with! πŸ™‚


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One response to “Life: Sofia’s holiday gathering

  1. She is getting so big!

    Happy Holidays! Enjoy your big girl! πŸ™‚

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