My everyday life: week 9

We had some REAL snow last week, so big that we had to stay home for two days… which means more time to spend with my lovely girl~~~ Got to make her some more breast milk pancakes! πŸ˜‰


we made her behave silly~~~


laughs all day long! She’s in such a fun age to play with! πŸ™‚ I LOVE IT!!!


Made pancakes for my too: pumpkin buckwheat pancakes with PB sauce. So yummy and filling.


Sofia had a smaller portion of this for lunch: roasted zucchini, roasted butternut squash, sautéed greens and brown-black rice.


for dinner, I made stuffed butternut squash with corn and cheese. Soooo good!


An old favorite is back: vegetarian wonton, one of my favorite dish made by mom


On Friday… I left for a business trip. It was hard to leave Sofia this time because it means we’re done with nursing πŸ˜₯ My whole flight to Nicaragua I was really sad. I wish I could nurse her for longer. I wish it was her deciding the end. Oh… well… the hormones are making me sad again! (excuse). Anyway… despite the sadness… I managed to almost finish this meal


I don’t eat steak regularly (almost never) but when i go to Nicaragua, or on my way there, I do eat it because it’s so worth it!


On Friday night, we went to Churrasquito, a steak place close to the hotel with the best steak I’ve ever had. Two steak in one-day? who am I?

Another great thing about Nicaragua is its fruit selection. It’s a tropical country so fruit is delicious all-year-long. I specially like the papaya and this fruit (upper left) that looks and tastes like sweet potato, too sweet to believe it’s just a fruit. I had 2 plates of this to start the breakfast


followed by a veggie-omelette, avocado and some toasts with some exotic jam


we had a whole day event which turned out really interesting and fun, at night we had the Christmas party at our boss’s. Each of us had to bring a gift (<$10) and we played the white elephant gift exchange. It was a lot fun!!! I got the gift that I wanted after learning quickly the trick. It’s a great game for holidays parties… will use it soon.


dinner was Cuba style roast pork, rice with bean, yuca and salad.


it takes 8 hours to prepare the pork. I am not a big pork fan so I just took a bite. But according to others, it was super delicious. I did really like the rice-bean dish and yuca.


we had dinner by the pool…. what a luxury


I returned to the hotel almost midnight and had to get up before 6 am to catch a plane. I was exhausted. Breakfast was kind of lame but when hungry, you eat whatever it’s in front. I had the egg dish and crunch.


Although it was a short trip, I missed Sofia a lot! Fortunately she did very well at home with grandma. She ate well thanks to the detailed menu I left for her; she took two naps daily without much fuss and go to sleep at night without nursing. It’s a relief to know she doesn’t need nursing to sleep at night. For almost 15 months, we had a unique bond that nobody can replace my role and it makes me sad that that is gone. Although that’s gone, I’m sure we still have a strong unique bond that will last much longer. Well, at least that’s what I want to believe and hope.



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3 responses to “My everyday life: week 9

  1. Tes

    Hi Coco! I am one of your blog readers πŸ™‚ I enjoy reading about your adventures and lovely pictures. What kind of work do you do? I think you are in economics, but I can’t remember – am curious what kind of work you do in Nicaragua. Hope you and Sofia are enjoying the snow!

  2. What a FAST trip! Looks like it was nice and warm there, though. πŸ˜‰

  3. It looks like a really fun gathering! And I officially have to give Sofia the award for being the baby with the healthiest diet, haha! And I totally would feel the same way about weaning–I think I’ll be emotional too when that day comes. Have a beautiful weekend, lovely!

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