Thoughts: feeding a toddler

It’s the second day we’re stuck at home because of the snow, the fourth day in a row that we need to feed a not-wanting-everything toddler, aka Sofia. Although we’re done with spoon feeding (almost), she is not interested in eating when sitting on the highchair. So, the recent trick to get her eat is to offer her bites when she’s playing, and then no matter how big is the bite, she’ll put it in her mouth and proudly smile at me and clap. It’s cute, it really is. But it’s not good. I know that this is not what I am supposed to do. I am not supposed to trick her to eat, I am not supposed to invent new ways to eat. Instead, she should be eating on the usual meal setting (aka high chair), tries everything I put in front her and finishes them all. Obviously this text book like scenario is not real life. The real life situation is a toddler who is not interested in anything gourmet that her mom tries so hard to make for her, and then taste a bite and split it out. Then the mom disappointedly walk to the fridge and peel a cheese string… the only food that Sofia is willing to eat… although I’m afraid that’s fading too.

What should I do???? For the past few weeks, I tried to offer her different food, but most of the time, she ended up eating what she normally likes (cheese, grapes, cherry tomato, yogurt and clementine). Although she normally takes 1-2 bites of the new thing… she loses interests on them quickly.

Well… I know what I should be doing:

  • keep offering a variety of food but not expect her to eat/like them
  • rotate food even those that she likes, but otherwise she’ll stop liking them
  • do not play tricks, let her decide what/when/how much to eat
  • let her eat my/our food instead of making special meals
  • set good meal rituals: eat on the high chair, not at the playmat

I am here to re-evaluate the situation and re-start! I’m getting this book and reading great articles. Will report back.

Well… not everything is bad being stuck at home. I got to introduce to Sofia her first now experience!






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2 responses to “Thoughts: feeding a toddler

  1. I love Sofia in her snowsuit! So cute!

    And, yes, it sounds like you know what to do about feeding her! 🙂 Toddlers can be very picky, but if you consistently offer them different foods, have routines, etc., they will eat well eventually. The kid went through an extremely picky phase (which I didn’t expect as it never happened with my older son), but with persistence it did get better little by little.

  2. omg i have no helpful advice on this matter but i am dying of cuteness in her little puffer snowsuit! adorable!

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