My everyday life: week 8

Monday to Thursday: this week was an extra relaxing at work. It’s nice to not have deadlines all the time! I don’t like deadlines, I don’t like people chasing me after deadlines and I hate when people don’t respect deadlines that I put. I am the kind of the people who would finish everything few days before the official deadlines so if anything unexpected happen, I have some buffer. But apparently, the majority of people don’t do that, they just wait until the last minute to start, and ALWAYS have something comes up so they can’t meet the deadline. People, learn your lesson the next time!!!

Friday: we took Sofia to the daycare and came back home. It was raining outside so we stayed in until it was the time to pick Sofia up. You would ask why I took Sofia to the daycare which is essentially my work place on days that I don’t work. Well…. although I love spending time with Sofia, I need some ME time too and I don’t feel bad about it. There are always things that I need to catch up (email, book, TV, etc) that I can’t do it without a rush having Sofia around. So, on days that I don’t have to work, I appreciate some alone time at home.

Saturday: I started the day with a sweet meal. I made Michelle’s Chocolate Peanut Instant Bake


top it with some microwaved frozen strawberries.


It was like eating dessert for breakfast. 😉

After Sofia took her morning nap we went to buy Christmas decoration. She played with a rocking chair


If she can sit there for more than 5 min at the same, I’d definitely buy the chair, but I know she won’t because she’s such an active girl and wouldn’t stop for a sec.


After running into 3 stores, we got what we wanted! Super excited and loaded car, we went home.

A quick lunch: this plate (cauliflower broccoli croquet) x 2. Sofia isn’t crazy about it but I am, so I am having them! YUM~


then we went to a birthday party of a one year old baby girl.


Sofia looks more and more like a girl rather than a baby. Mom and I are super happy that we can dress her properly, like a girl, finally. 🙂



Sunday: it was a rough night. Sofia woke up before midnight :shock:, Mom stayed with her until 1am, and I continued until 2:30am when she finally fell into sleep. Insomnia? poor girl. She tried hard going back to sleep, tossing, turning, but she couldn’t. As long as we stayed with her, she didn’t cry but the moment we leave, she’d scream. I was so sleepy all that time but I was not mad at her, at all, but felt bad for her. It reminded me my grandma. I lived with my grandma for 4 years and there was a period when I woke up every night with stomach pain without apparent reason. My grandma in order to find out the cause, stayed the whole night until I woke up to observe what was wrong. It turned out that I was throwing out the blanket and the cold made my stomach to hurt. She stayed up few more nights to make sure I was fine. I didn’t appreciate much at that time, but now I do, not because I am doing the same to Sofia, but because I now understand the love she had for me, the love that makes you do everything needed for them without considering what it costs to oneself at all.

Sofia woke up at 6:30am, her usual time even thought she lost 2.5 hrs of sleep at night. She didn’t even look sleepy. But I did. I was sleep deprived, I need +8 hrs to function nowadays. But…. I had a girl to entertain.. so whatever with the needed sleep. I had my usual combo for breakfast: sesame ezekiel bread toasted + smoked salmon that I brought from Chile (getting more next time I go! It’s so much better than what is sold in US stores) + half of an avocado smashed with pinch of salt. Sofia had breastmilk with pumpkin waffle (half), 1/3 banana and grapes.


We had our first snow of the year so we didn’t go anywhere and missed Sarah’s daughter’s 1 year birthday party. I felt terrible but didn’t want to risk driving under this weather condition. Icing roads are scary.

Morning project: Christmas decoration. We never decorated our house for any holidays but now that we have Sofia, I want to start the family traditions of decorating for the holidays. 🙂 I don’t have much memories of family traditions around holidays because the economic situation of my family at that time didn’t allow my parents to do so, but now that I became a parent, I want to create memories for my children.

Let me present you our first ever Christmas tree!!! We were not planning to buy a full size Christmas tree this year because of Sofia (she might want to destroy it!), instead we was planning to buy a table-top size tree. But when mom and I saw this one, we fell in love! We couldn’t let it go until next year (what if we can’t find the same one?) so we bought it! It hurts my wallet badly but we are in LOVE~~~ when you are in love with something, price doesn’t matter, right? 😉


we like these light balls a lot


We still need to do some touch-ups to finish the decoration, but considering it’s our first time decorating for Christmas, we are pretty happy with how it looks.



While Sofia took her 45 min morning nap, I slept for 60 min :shock:. I felt much much better after that. 😆

Lunch: Sofia had noodles with bok choy, kabocha with sunflower seed butter, cherry tomato, string cheese and a clementine. I made a black rice kabocha casserole that turned out AMAZING, served with green beans cooked with oil + soy sauce. I am really liking the green beans these days, specially using this simple method: heat a pan, add oil, green beans, soy sauce, splash of water and cook on medium covered for 5 min. It gives the perfect tenderness and yumminess.


The black rice kabocha casserole was pure serendipity! I didn’t have any recipe in mind but the idea of using black rice and kabocha. The end result was out of my expectation, one of the best meal I’ve made in quite a while. I am suspecting that it’s the new kitchen tool the reason of the delighted surprise. I got my first Le Crueset, so in love!!!


Black rice kabocha casserole:

  • 1/2 small onion, chopped
  • 1 stalk celery, chopped
  • 2 cups kabocha, chopped
  • 1/2 cup black rice, rinsed
  • 1 cup broccoli, chopped
  • 1 cup chicken stock
  • 1 cup water
  • olive oil, S+P
  1. Heat the oil and sauteed onion and celery for 5 min
  2. Add the black rice, mix
  3. Add kabocha, chicken stock and water
  4. Turn into medium once boiling, cover and cook for 40 min
  5. Add broccoli and cook for 5 min
  6. Add S+P, turn into high until most of the liquid is absorbed


Afternoon project: chinese kabocha rice cakes. My mom asked this for few weeks and I finally got to make them. Super easy, mix equal parts of steamed/roasted kabocha and glutinous rice flour, 2 TB of sugar, form a dough and make cookie sizes cakes.


then heat a pan with some oil, and cook at low 5 min each side.

Sofia was super active the rest of day, running around, teasing us, making silly faces….. so fun to be with!!! 😀

The day ended up with this scrumptious combo: microwaved strawberries + greek yogurt + PB sauce


Q: What holiday traditions do you have?

what a perfect way to end the weekend! 🙂


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  1. I love your tree! When I had Noah I still took Sarah to the sitter once a week. I agree with you! There’s LOTS to do and it’s so much easier when you’re not chasing an active toddler around. Plus, it’s good for them to be out socializing with their friends and have to confidence that Mommy will be back for them. 🙂

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