Baby: 13 and 14 months

Time flies even faster after the first year. I skipped the 13 months update partly intentionally partly because I was busy with work. I don’t know if I will continue to do a monthly update now that she’s a toddler (still can’t believe it :shock:)), but it is actually nice to have the record of her growing, every day, every moment if possible. The other day, a friend of mine asked me how much milk Sofia was taking when she was 11 months old. I couldn’t tell but after a quick check on the blog, I knew exactly how much (20 oz. + night nursing session)! This makes me want to continue to do monthly updates and even write more daily posts!


Sleeping: her night sleep continues to be really good although for one week she woke up around 5:30am and didn’t want to go back to sleep. The following week (now) she’s back to normal schedule half of the time (close to 7am). She still goes to bed at 7:30pm. Her daycare started the one middle of the day nap routine this month and Sofia has been taking 1-1.5 hrs nap. Although she still takes the morning nap on the ride for 30-45 min, since the afternoon nap ends around 2:30pm, she’s tired by the time I pick her up (5:30pm). In a good day, she’d take a catnap on the ride home and she’d be fresh for dinner. In a bad day, she’d cry all the way home and too cranky to have dinner. So, I’ve been picking her up earlier (5pm) and start dinner before 6pm. Over the weekend, she takes two naps at home, 10:30 am and 3pm usually. However, if we go out to run errands around 9am, she’d take the morning nap in the car, sometimes for over 1.5 hrs. There are days that she naps at home in the morning and would nap for almost 2 hrs and a short nap (30 min) in the afternoon. She is definitely not ready for 1 nap a day yet and I don’t plan to rush her.


Eating: it got so much better!!! Look her belly, round as a watermelon most of the days. As I mentioned here, she’s fully self-feeder now! 😆 She continues to eat very well at the daycare, eats most of the AM and PM snacks and all of the lunch. She takes about an hour to eat and it’s just the cutest thing ever to watch.

In the morning, she’d start with pancakes/French toast/banana muffin, followed by 1/3-1/2 of a banana, 3-4 cherry tomatoes and 4-5 grapes, all with breast milk in the zippy cup.

Lunch/dinner: start with any of these, followed by 1/3 persian cucumber, 3-4 cherry tomatoes, 4-5 grapes and ½-3/4 cup of plain yogurt.

You might wonder why this order, fruit and vegetables the last, because this girl LOVES them, just as her mama. If I give her fruit and vegetables first, she’d fill up with them and doesn’t want any real food. I guess I’ll be one of those lucky mams that don’t have to “trick” their kids to eat veggies.


I really enjoy making her food because they’re real food and additives-free. Although the daycare sometimes gives them package food like animal crackers, white flour muffins, etc for snacks, overall I’m happy with the menu. Most of the meals are made from scratch; they offer a big variety and always offer fruit and veggies with every meal. There are parents who stress about having everything organic, low-sugar, natural, etc, I am not that kind. I don’t want Sofia to feel restricted and different than her peers, as long as most of her food intake is healthy, it is fine.

In term of milk intake, she still doesn’t take bottles so her milk intake is very low. We haven’t started with cow milk yet because I still have frozen BM. She’d take 2-3 oz. with breakfast and 2-3 oz. with dinner. I’d nurse her before bed. That’s more for comfort and for our bounding time. However, at 14 months mark, I wanted to fully wean her but I couldn’t. It is heart breaking for me because I LOVE nursing her. Although she’s walking and running everywhere nowadays, she behaves like a small baby when nursing. However, there’s always an end to this journey, no matter when I do it, it is always going to be hard for me. I know I will miss it, hopefully I will be able to nurse the next child as long as I did with Sofia. I plan to wean her when I go for a business trip in two weeks.

New developments:

  • she started to walk at 13 months after 2-3 weeks of walking assisted. Although sometimes she still falls down (I think that’s because she has a big head!), she walks to everywhere and stopped crawling.


  • The daycare started to teach them clean up the toys, so now she likes picking up things that she’s playing and give them to me to put away.
  • She found her resting spot. Sometimes when we’re at the kitchen, she’d go there and sit alone for a while.


  • She learned to wave for goodbye. So cute! She even said few times bye bye and chao!
  • She learned to hug back! It’s such an adorable thing to have her head lie on my chest and rest. Although it usually lasts 1-2 min, it’s a precious moment.


  • Walking around, moving things from one place to the other.
  • Being held by me. Sometimes when I pick her up, she’d smile so proudly to grandma.


  • Still loving bathing time.
  • Play seek and find.
  • Looking at everyone and even teasing strangers to play with her. One day when we eat out, instead of focusing on her food and people in her table, she’d smile and babble to strangers in the next table, they even stopped their conversation to talk to her.


Only two moments she’d scream/cry for complain. When she doesn’t want to sleep, and when she’s done with eating and wants to play.


Overall: she is a happy, outgoing, funny, silly and adorable girl. Sometimes when I look at her, I feel I’m looking at the-mini-me. It amazes me how much love I have for her and what I am capable of doing just to make her a little bit happier.


Weight: over 9 kgs!

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  1. I LOVE love love the picture of her with food all over. It’s adorable :):)

    I hope I can breastfeed as long as you have been able to!!

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