Sofia: fully self feeding

A big milestone:  I finally STOPPED SPOON FEEDING SOFIA! YAY~~~~ 😆


Although she eats by herself very well at the daycare, we were still spoon feeding her at home for breakfast and dinner because we my mom is concerned that she wouldn’t eat enough if we let her feed herself. However, she hates to be fed and every time we I feed her (she wouldn’t take even a bite from grandma), it’s a struggle, it exhausts me, it stress me out because I need to “entertain” her for the entire feed (~30 min), pulling out all kind of toys and devises to distract her and at the same time try to squeeze one more spoon. I hated it, she hated it and every meal I want it to be the last one. So, this one week, I declared (mainly to my mom) that I won’t feed Sofia anymore. If she eats the food we offer, perfect, if not, she’ll just starve. 😯

The first day, for breakfast, I offer her honey cake and breast milk in a cup. 30 min later I offered her grapes (If I give her fruit first, she’ll get full with only fruits). It took her 40 min but she finished most of them! 😯 Great start!!! However, that night, she was cranky because she had a early nap and was tired by the time we got home, so she didn’t eat much and even refused yogurt, something that almost never happen. I didn’t insist and simply nurse her as “dinner” and went to sleep. I was afraid that she’d wake up in the middle of the night because of hunger, but she did not. Instead she woke up hungry and had a big breakfast (pic above) instead: half french toast, 1/2 banana, milk and grapes.

I continued to let her feed herself although I had to stop my mom when she wanted to feed her a couples of times. One week later, she’s feeding herself wonderfully. Although it takes about an hour, she seems to enjoy it and we also enjoy the freedom of having a peaceful meal and the joy of watching her funny manner to eat.

Few key lesson learned:

  • Do not interact with her when she’s eating because she gets distracted.
  • Give her first when we want her to eat and what she’d like the last. In our case, main meal first, veggie and fruit later. Sofia is definitely my baby because she loves fruits & vegetables, so even when she’s almost full, she’ll still take them.
  • Do not give her snack constantly. Starting with a meal a little hungry is the key for a good meal.
  • Do not offer food when she’s sleepy. The end result is a cranky and hungry baby who refuses to eat/be fed. If she’s sleepy, even if it’s meal time, let her sleep first.

What we’ve been offering her:

  • noodles with bok choy
  • meat ball with tomato sauce
  • potato cakes
  • chinese one pot meal
  • scrambled eggs
  • french toast
  • banana muffin
  • fruits: grapes, banana, clementine
  • veggies: avocado, cherry tomato, cucumber, green beans, steamed carrot


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2 responses to “Sofia: fully self feeding

  1. Yay for Sofia! I bet dinner time is a lot more peaceful for all. 🙂

  2. Great job starting your daughter off to a great start in feeding herself healthy foods!

    Wanted to let you know, our readers have nominated you as a favorite healthy-lifestyle blog. You can pick up your badge here:

    Thanks for being a wonderful healthy-living resource!

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