My everyday life: week 5

We went to a baby shower and Sofia was playing the big sister, although she’s 7 lbs lighter than the boy who’s 7 months younger than her


the theme of the baby shower was “nerdy baby”, so …. da da…. nerdy Sofia!!!


This girl LOVES taking off the socks, no matter how old is the floor, she just NEEDS to take them off! And she continues to take first nap of the day on the way to the daycare


my precious~~~~


this week the daycare started to switch the whole class of 8 into 1 nap per day routine. Although Sofia was taking one nap anyway because she has her morning nap in the car ride, the second nap shifted a couple of hours earlier. She used to nap from 3-4pm, now they all nap after lunch and she’s usually up before 2:30pm. This change makes her getting sleepy by the end of the day so I’ve been trying to pick her up half hour earlier, around 5:15pm. However, the hour long dinner time didn’t help to shift her bed time earlier, so we’re still doing 7:30pm. We’ll see how that goes.

Meal highlight of the week: black bean burger, roasted kabocha, super power greens with cherry tomato salad dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. 


Snack highlight of the week: bestowed box!!!



these frozen bites are sooo good, tastes like chocolate sorbet


convenient chia boost


energy drink mix


green tea mix, antioxidant powerhouse!


chocolate flavored coconut water



the infamous questbar! I can finally try the hype!


addictive crackers!


they’re gone few hours after it was opened 😯 my favorite snack from the box!


I like the surprise factor of these boxes. It gives me an opportunity and excuse to try products that I might never pick up myself. 🙂

Q: Are you subscribed to any monthly box? I am subscribed to ipsy and love it!

Q: What’s your favorite thanksgiving dish?



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4 responses to “My everyday life: week 5

  1. I love the pics of sleeping Sofia! Sleeping babies and toddlers are sooo cute!

    The bestowed box sounds fun!

  2. What a cool box full of neat things to try! We don’t really have anything like that here that I’m aware of. I remember my kids always taking their socks off, too! I always worried about their feet getting cold in the winter. Sofia looks like such a charmer. What a sweeite.

  3. i recently tried a quest bar and HATED it. it hurt my stomach and was too sweet/fake tasting. i prefer bumble bars! i don’t subscribe to anything but that ipsy site looks pretty fun!

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