My everyday life: week 3

Biggest highlight of the week: we have a walker!!!

On October 31, I went to pick Sofia up after work as usual, as I walked in, she WALKED to me with a BIG smile, so proud of her new accomplishment. It was ABSOLUTELY one of the highlight of my life!

Other loves of the week:

The lovely delicious rejuvenating juice every morning! 🙂


Pumpkin oatmeal bake with raspberries


Soooo delicious paired with almond butter with cinnamon


We had guests on Sat afternoon, so I baked some goodies for the occasion with a little helper


Carrot raisin muffin


honey cake


Lunch: baked salmon + sauteed spinach + beloved delicata squash


my all time favorite food in the whole world = rainbow corn!


I think Sofia started to understand when we tell her not-to-do certain things


and when she still does it, she’d laugh it out


LOVE her easing going laughable personality!!!


and learned to pose for pics


She also learned that cart seat is too tight… the cart is more fun


specially when she can “play”


Mom and Sofia’s lunch: steak + garlic bread + potato harsh brown (Tj’s brand)


Mine: meatless chicken with alfredo sauce + sauteed spinach + delicata squash


I was AMAZED by how delicious is this meatless chicken, the texture and the flavor is even better than the real chicken! For the alfredo sauce, I simply mixed almond milk, laughing cow, parmesan cheese and pepper. YUM~

Made a smashed chickpea salad for work-lunch. Will have it with avocado and pita bread.


On Sunday we had a birthday party


look how she looks at the boy


after the party, we visited a 6-days old baby. She was tiny and so sleepy. I can’t believe that I almost forget how tiny Sofia was. Time flied so fast. Although I have vivid memory of giving birth and even the day we found out I was pregnant, but at the same time, it seems so long ago the baby-stage. I enjoyed every moment every stage of her growing up, but I must say, I enjoy her company much more now that she’s more interactive and even finds her way to communicate with us. I am sure every day will get even better… I want to stop the clock and savor the days more slowly. My baby girl, you are truly my sunshine! 🙂


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  1. Yayyyy Sofia, go go go!!! hahahah she’s sooo adorable and her cute nervous giggle made my day. 😀 Every stage seems to have its fun and wonderful quirks, but I can see how the improved interaction makes it so much fun!

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