My everyday life: week 2

I wish I had a more organized desk, but I don’t. My desk is ALWAYS full of random papers and at least 2 drink containers, sometimes even 4 😯


I wish I look this fresh the whole week… but the truth is except for Monday morning… I don’t.


I managed to finish work at work last week! Yeap~~~ which allowed me to catch up with sleep. Most of the days, I’m zzzz before 9:30pm!

I wish I had more quiet, no rushing, blogging time. But nowadays I get 1-2 hrs if I’m lucky.



Favorite bag of the month! I’ve had this bag for more than 3 weeks and I’m finally loving it! 🙂 It’s a gift from Star from his last business trip and visit.


I was at shock when I saw the color, but actually it’s a very nice, chic color for fall. He also got me the matching wallet.


Although it might not be the easiest color to pair in a daily basis, I made it work, specially with this new pant that is a real steal! (It’s only $16 :shock:!)


Favorite person of all time!!! 😆


getting cold and windy. Fortunately it takes us only 1 block from parking to the daycare.


She’s still our mannequin to dress up for fun!


making her first steps


eating her puffs when mom shops 😉


she found a new favorite activity: pushing the chair around


but screams when she gets stacked


her first pair of jeans!


her head is disproportionally big!!!



Favorite coffee mug, matching to this week’s nail color (metallic gray). I got this mug in HomeGoods (one of our fav stores!)


another buy from HomeGoods: Butter Rum Cream Decaf. YUM~


Made a proper breakfast this weekend: chocolate protein pancakes, topped with cottage cheese and chia jam (recipe to come!)


So good that I decided to have pancakes for breakfast next week. I created another combo: coconut protein pancake with butternut squash (recipe to come)


A stir-fry buckwheat noodles with veggies for lunch


while Sofia and my mom had Tj’s frozen pizza


made a hot turkey chickpea soup for lunches (recipe to come because it turned out really delicious and hot!)


Book to read. I got this book from Maggie a LONG time ago


Favorite TV show:  undercover boss

MV5BMTgzMTk5ODMyNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDU3MTAwNA@@._V1._SX459_SY652_I started watching it this morning from amazon prime and it is really good! I think every big company’s boss needs to do it! 🙂

Q: What’s your current favorite TV show?

Q: What’s your favorite fall color?



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6 responses to “My everyday life: week 2

  1. I love the purse and your new pants. And Sofia is the cutest model! I love the jeans & sweater combo! So grown up! 🙂

    My favorite TV shows are Scandal and Parenthood.

    Have a great week!

  2. Love the purse! And Sofia is adorable as always.

    I had forgotten about that book!! Let me know what you think 🙂

  3. Your daughter is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! No words can even describe it!!! 😀

    And I dunno how you get any work done, I need a CLEAN AND NEAT desk or else I get completely frazzled!!

  4. Ahhhhh so cute! Haha she looks like she’s modeling those outfits, and I can’t believe she’s starting to walk. Would you say that for YOU it’s easier to watch Sofia now and back then? Many moms say that it gets harder because they become so much more active, etc.

    • balancejoyanddelicias

      I would say I enjoy Sofia much more now than when she was little. Although it is true that sometime I miss those days when she was so fragile, so cute and so baby, but nowadays there’s much more interaction and she surprises us all the time, and she’s became so much happier and outgoing since she started the daycare, so overall I enjoy her company more than and I’m sure the fun will grow as she grows too. 🙂 have a nice weekend sweetie!

  5. i’m sorry to hear you are having a rough work week—it’s definitely tough sometimes to turn off the mind at night and get a solid night’s sleep! my current favorite tv show is either the mindy project (for comedy) or boardwalk empire on hbo (drama). fave fall color is jewel tones (plum or teal like your pant! i have a pair of rag and bone jeans with zips like that i love them!)

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