Life: a day at 1 year old

I haven’t done a daily post for a long time because every time I thought about it I felt that things didn’t change much from the last one. But I guess slowly things did change quite a bit.

6 AM: I woke up without alarm. Had my morning capuchino and hit to the gym


after shower I came down to see that Sofia already finished her breakfast


still 1/3 left, which is almost impossible at that stage for my mom to continue to feed her, so then I come in and finish it! 🙂 I have some extra skills feeding her 😉


and sliced a big strawberry for her


I had green juice to start (I’ve started to do juicing since my mom’s return), made with cucumber, celery, green bell pepper, lemon and ginger.


Breakfast: oatbran cooked with kabocha, laughing cow and tomato sauce. First oatmeal of the season!


using baby spoon. they’re so cute!


Morning was spent watching her play by herself, and from time to time come to me to snuggle for a while, and then return to the play


I started a new book this weekend, first book in like 2 months? It’s really fascinating book for economists (and non-economists too!), almost half way through it


Then around 10, I took her for a nap. She’s been refusing for bottles so I had to nurse her for few minutes (weaning process is in pause mode :shock:)


1.25 hrs later she woke up. Not so refreshed though


I had a gigantic asian pear… soooo juicy! Loving it lately, although hating the price tag $2 per piece 👿


Then we had lunch: spicy kabocha, cucumber salad, chinese spinach sauteed with garlic and seaweed salad, served with brown rice


Sofia had something similar, feeding herself at first and I fed her a bit more later


Post-lunch coffee while Sofia played and mom cleaned up the mess


and then we played “decorating” this little person





what a fun “toy”. She loves throwing out all the magazines and newspaper to the floor… and cruising/walking to everywhere! She now can walks without assistance for 2-3 steps, and can walk with one hand assistance for 10 feet. 🙂


After a failed nap attempt, we changed to visit our friend Sarah and Tara


while mama’s chatted, they ate puffs


sharing is good 🙂



came home, had leftover for dinner.

7pm: bath time. She still loves taking bath


7:30 pm, nursed for few minutes. 7:45 pm, asleep.

8pm: me tying this post. Plan to continue with the reading until 9:30 as latest. A hectic week is next, I need to take as much rest as I can while I can. 🙂

And that’s it! A simple, low key but still feel busy because of Sofia weekend day life~~

Q1: What’s your favorite fruit currently? Mine asian pear

Q2: What are you having for breakfast lately? I’ve been having waffles and toasts except for today.



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4 responses to “Life: a day at 1 year old

  1. Sofia is so cute!!
    Also that book looks interesting. I’m going to look it up. I think Behavioral Economics is one of the most fascinating subjects out there.

  2. Life with a baby always seems busy, doesn’t it?! Breakfast for me lately looks like toast with PB&J. Thought I’d never get sick of oatmeal, but I did. 😉

  3. I love love love that coat Sofia is wearing!!! Where is it from? 😀 I would wear it if it was in adult size, lol. And I love her expression while holding up her shades–so curious and mature looking in that picture.

  4. what a sweet little green sweater cape she has on! my fave are seasonal apples right now. i’ve either been skipping bfast or having a piece of fruit or a green smoothie when time allows.

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