Baby: 11 months old

I can’t believe she’s almost a year old. This month flied by because I was away for work for two weeks. She is doing great and more fun than ever! And the best part? Star got to hang out with her. Father and daughter reunion!!!


Finally a family pic!


Sleep: we finally got her naps consolidated. Two naps, 10:30 am and 3:30 pm are almost guaranteed. They also last longer than 30 min, usually 1:15- 1:30 hrs. Night sleep continues to be great! 8pm-7am. And all these happen without much fuss, 5 min maximum. No soothing, no rocking, no nursing to sleep, no pacifier, simply put them down, give her the toys and say good sleep. This was extremely helpful for the adults since we couldn’t get much sleep at night due to my dad’s situation.


Eat: she is eating more solid this month and continues to take/drink over 20 oz. (3 oz. with oatmeal as breakfast, two 6 oz. bottles before her naps and nursing before bed). She snacks twice, usually yogurt, fruit, cherrios and brown rice cakes. Her main meals consist a mix of puree food and finger food. I make a big batch of puree food for when I don’t have to cook. It is usually a mix of carb (sweet potato, potato, polenta, oatmeal, lentils), vegetable (pea, broccoli, carrot) and protein (tofu, beans, cheese). She doesn’t like when I add meat. Finger food includes frozen pea, broccoli, avocado, papaya, peach, cucumber, tomato, tofu, homemade muffins/pancakes, pasta. She now can pick up whatever food she wants, as tiny as a grain of rice. Usually for dinner, I’d cook something for her and her favorite meal is chinese noodle dish made with dry shrimp, brown rice fussili, chopped spinach and egg. She can finish a whole bowl of it. The only issue we have is that many times she gets bored when eating, so she wants to stand up in the high chair and even on the table. We need to teach her some manners soon.


I stopped pumping at work, only pump once in the morning and nurse her at night. We are supplementing with frozen milk and still have a big stash. It is safe to say that we can make into one year of exclusive breastfeeding!!! YAY! 😆 I’ve never thought we could achieve this because I was never breastfed. But life is full of surprise, we not only succeeded with BF but I even donated over 500 oz. of milk to a friend. One year mark is so close and I haven’t decided to start the weaning process. She still enjoys nursing and I enjoy it even more! Although we want to have another baby relatively soon, I don’t want to wean her yet with the excuse that she just started going to daycare and she’s more prone to get sick, so continue to nurse her could be helpful. I know I’m just using this as an excuse to continue to our nursing relationship, the most tender, close and enjoyable experience that I’ve never imagined.


New development: last month she learned to climb up the stairs and this month she learned to climb down. She first learned to get down from the couch and then applied the same “technique” with the stairs.

And just few days ago, she gave her first steps with the toy stroller I got her last month.

I got her the stroller and she was not interested in it for few weeks. But then one day when we were having dinner, she just stood up and started pushing and walking! Star and I were shocked but so happy to see her learning new tricks. She was so happy doing it!!!


Swing: she loves so much her daily trip to the playground to get on the swing for a good 30 min, we installed one at the backyard! 🙂


Playing with other kids: she’s finally starting to interact with other kids and seems to really enjoy it.


Daycare: during the first week, we had a transition schedule (2 hrs the first two days where parents are present, 4 hrs the 3rd day, 6 hrs the 4th day and full day after that). She did so well the first day that the teacher immediately said to us that she will not have any problem adapting to the daycare. Seriously, she “forgot” about me when she saw other kids and new toys. The other kids who are a bit older than her were still attached to their moms, but Sofia was a natural adapter, she started playing with toys, exploring the new place and getting to know the teacher right away! 🙂





Play alone for more than 30 min. She wants/needs to see us and prefers we play with her.

Being in the carseat. 😦



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3 responses to “Baby: 11 months old

  1. Such a big girl!

    The photo of her being fed while standing on the highchair is too cute.

  2. Anonymous

    impresionante como esta caminando!

  3. kristaskravings

    Can’t believe almost a year has flown by! Sofia is more beautiful with each day. 🙂

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