Life: so good to be back

Being apart from my loved ones was hard even it was for just 6 days and that it was an extremely interesting trip. I was even featured in newspaper! 😯 We had meetings from 9 to 7 pm almost everyday! I was so exhausted by the end of the day that I often called room service. Unfortunately they didn't offer anything worth blogging about. The best meal I had is the following salad. It is called flor de jamon! So pretty and yummy~ Other goodie that I had was smoked salmon, I even bought few lbs back. 😀


Highlight of the trip: LAN. The best airline I've ever been. Look how spacious


fully inclined!!!


big TV with a lot of movies


inflight bag



I've ordered vegetarian meal this time


the above meal + a leek soup


meal entree: squash mouse, couscous and veggies


breakfast: fruit salad, WW sandwich with mushroom, pita bread with jam


I arrived Saturday noon, it was sooooo nice to be reunited with Star and Sofia. I'm so glad that Star learned super fast in how to take care of Sofia because my mom left few days ago. Star left when Sofia was one month old and now she's almost 11 months. Surprisingly she seems to remember him somehow because she liked him almost immediately. They had each other for four days and except for some dirty cloth and hair, Sofia is as happy as when I left. 😉

Sunday breakfast


Then we went groceries shopping and I did meal preparation for the week. Following tips of this book


I made my first bento



After lunch we went to babies r us to buy another gate to try, hope it works this time. And I got a pair of shoes for Sofia.


After her nap we went to Sephora while Star tried to install the gate. They had a color IQ event to find the perfect matching foundation. After the machine took the color of my skin, these are the recommended products


I tried two of them but didn't like how they look on my skin. Sofia behaved really well, patiently play by herself! 🙂


It was an hectic work week and super busy and short weekend. so glad that next weekend will be a long one but the last one before the house will be just for me and Sofia. 😦



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3 responses to “Life: so good to be back

  1. that vegetarian plane meal looks surprisingly good 🙂

    i hope star can come stay for longer soon!

  2. andreaswellnessnotes

    Glad Star gets to spend some time with you guys. Hope the work week goes by quickly, so you can enjoy the long weekend!

  3. Sounds like you’ve been busy, girl! Wishing for you that Star was home longer, though. And sorry to hear that your mom has left, too!

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