Baby: 10 months

Happy 10 months Sofia! This month you’ve started to transition from being a small baby to a toddler! You’ve developed a clear preference for mama although overall you spend more time with grandma. You melt my heart every time you ask for my hug! 🙂


Sleeping: this month it was a roller coaster in term of sleep. I wouldn’t say it was a sleep regression because it was not her fault. For half of the month, Sofia slept well as usual, going to bed around 8 and wakes up around 5am and falls back to sleep after nursing. But when we were in Hawaii, sleep pattern got erratic. Sofia and I stayed at the same room. The first night, she slept relatively well waking up only once, I nursed her and she went back to sleep. The second night, she slept through the night. The third day onward, she woke up several times a night and would only go back to sleep after nursing. To be honest, it was my fault. Instead of letting her fuss and cry a bit, I’d rush to nurse her so both of us could get back to sleep. After just two days, she got used to that. Therefore for both naps and night sleep she needed to nurse to fall into sleep, and would cry if I don’t respond to her. In A good night she’d wake up 2-3 times; in a bad night it could be 5-6 times. Fortunately we were in vacation so if I was too tired, I could take a long nap. On a positive side, she napped really well in those two weeks. Before that, her naps were a hit or miss. Most of the days she took two naps of 30-45 min each but always fight a lot and on different hours of the day. When we were in Hawaii, her naps were more consistent, one between 9-10 am, one around 2pm and a catnap around 6. Although often she napped in the carrier, she could sleep longer than 30 min, sometimes even over an hour.

The real issue was when we went back home. From everywhere you red bout baby jetlag, it says that flying from eat coast is much easiest than flying to east coast. It was true and painful. At night, we do our bed routine at usual hour (7-7:30pm), I nurse her and she’d fall asleep easily. But then she wakes up after 1-1.5 hrs. If I nurse her, she gets back to sleep but only if I hold her long enough, once she’s in deep sleep, otherwise the moment I put her in the crib, she wakes up and screams. After the second wake up, she’d wake up again around 11 and she is fully awake. If I leave her alone in the crib, she cries, screams as if she was scared being alone. So I stay with her until she’s a bit sleepy, then I nurse her and she’d fall into sleep for good. The first night, she finally settled at 1 am and slept past 8:30 (i woke her up), the 2nd night at 12 and had to wake her up at 8:30, 3rd night at 11 (woke up at 8). I tried to let her fuss and cry for as long as 40 min, it didn’t work, she wouldn’t stop unless i go in. I I was exhausted but hopeful that she was adjusting. However, the 4th night she woke up several times and didn’t settle until 12 again, the same at 5th night. Meanwhile she started to wake up at her usual time, around 7am which means she’s probably over with the jet lag and wakes up at night out of habit, the new habit that I was part of (waking up and needing some comfort from us). The other sign of being over with jet lag is that her naps are taken at normal time (around 10:30 and 2:30 for 45-60 min). So it must be just a new habit.

I had to go on a business trip on 6th day after our return. I was really concern that Sofia’s new sleeping habit would drag down my mom who can’t fall back to sleep easily once she wakes up in the middle of the night. So I asked her to try letting Sofia to cry. We needed to change the habit of needing comfort for her own benefit and for my moms. For our surprise, it took just two days of “sleep train” which involved less than 30 min of crying the first couple of times (at night and for naps) and she re-learned how to get back to sleep by herself. Furthermore, even she doesn’t need to sleep more, she could stay in the crib and play by herself without a fuss for quite a long time. 5 days later, she now goes to sleep with less than 1-2 min of fuss if at all; takes 1-1.5 hrs. long naps and sleeps at night from 8pm to 7am. 🙂


Eating: as I mentioned in her 9 months update, Sofia wasn’t very interested in nursing. I could only nurse her when she’s half asleep. In term of solid, we try to give her 2 meals but often times she eats very little. When we were in Hawaii she started to love nursing. I’d offer her every 2-3 hrs and she never refused. Since she was nursing well and that we were on the go, I didn’t worry about giving her solids consistently. We just gave her our food and she takes them sometimes. Since she turned 10 months, it’s more important for her to get solids consistently for nutritional purpose. So I decided to cut back on breast milk to give room for other food. The new arrangement consist of no morning milk, instead she eats breakfast (baby oatmeal mixed with oatmeal and 1 egg yolk), 4-5 oz. before first nap, lunch, 4-5 oz. before second nap, dinner and 6-7 oz before bed. Mom tries with this new arrangement while I was away and it’s working really well. She now takes about 20 oz of breast milk and 3 good meals. She seems to start to enjoy food, finally!!!

Food likes: any kind of pasta (ramen, udon, spaghetti, brown rice pasta)


for example this brown rice pasta with bok choy and shrimp


polenta with parmesan cheese or japanese rice seasoning


eggplant, kiwi, dragon fruit, ice cream (opss! :shock:)


One key lesson learned was if it doesn’t taste good for us, it doesn’t taste good for Sofia! Since she’s 10 months now, I feel more comfortable to add some salt into her meals, just a tiny bit makes a huge different in term of taste.

Milestones: Two teeth that came out without notice. No any sign of teething!


we have a Movil baby. She got faster crawling. She pulls her up like a pro. She climbs steps (her newest hobbie). And she started cruising. We have to chase her around the house!!!
Another new thing was when we were in Hawaii, she hated being in the car seat and stroller. Fortunately once back to home, she stopped that.



  • playing on the beach with sand and stones


  • standing


  • crawling to everywhere


  • swing


  • take off anything we put on her head (hat, hair clips)


  • being in the carrier and nap


  • climb stairs. She got really fast in a matter of two days!


  • grab slipers and bite them
  • climb out of the “gate”. She manages to get out of the gate we put for her with two chairs.


  • Not getting what she wants to play with



  • Waking up and sees no one (before sleep training)
  • Being in the carseat and stroller (for two weeks)

Weight: still around 7.5 kg. Not uncommon at this age because how active she is.



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  1. I can’t believe Sofia is 10 months! She sounds like she’s really turning into her own person. What a delight!

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