Travel: we’re back from Hawaii

We’re back from our two weeks in Hawaii!!!


Still terribly jet lagged (the baby, therefore the whole family!) but she’s getting better each day! 🙂 I’ve been MIA during this time because traveling with a baby is very demanding! If you also want to take advantage of the time being in such a beautiful place, it means no down time to do any blog writing. We actually arrived on Wednesday (7/31) but after a long flight (9 hrs) during night time in which I didn’t shut my eyes for a minute, combined with  the unpacking and then going to sleep at 1AM because Sofia says it’s play time, you got a very very exhausted mama! But it all worth it as you’ll see in my next few posts. 🙂

Look what welcomed us home! A big bouquet of roses


a very good looking pot


and cookies from my lovely husband because it was our second anniversary! 🙂 I only wish we could celebrate it together as we did last year.



Hawaii. First a summary of our days.

Day 1 (Oahu): arrived at 6pm. check in at the condo Waikiki Sunset. Groceries shopping.

Day 2 (Oahu): Ala Moana Mall, Waikiki beach, Kaluapapa Ave

Day 3 (Oahu): Polynesian Cultural Center

Day 4 (Oahu): Diamond head, farmer’s market, Fort Derussy Park

Day 5 (Oahu): Botanical Garden, Byoto temple, Kualoa Beach Park, Ala Moana Beach Park

Day 6 (Oahu): Pearl Harbor, Hanauma Bay

Day 7 (Oahu to Maui): arrived at 4pm. check in at the condo Kameole Sands. Groceries shopping

Day 8 (Maui): pool at the resort, Kameole beaches

Day 9 (Maui): North drive (downtown Lahaina, Wailers Village, kaanapali beach, black rock, dragon teeth)

Day 10 (Maui): Molokini snorkeling 

Day 11 (Maui): Hana tour

Day 12 (Maui): Wailea beach

Day 13 (Maui): Wailea beach, Kameole beach sunset

Day 14 (Maui-Oahu-back home): arrived at 11 AM, lunch at Ala Moana Mall, blog reader meet up, flight back at 8pm. 

I will post Oahu stay in two parts, Maui in two parts and a post about traveling with a 9.5 months old. 😉


Oahu part I

We arrived the airport two hours earlier to make sure everything goes well. Sofia took her morning nap in the stroller. 🙂 A good start!


Day 1: After an almost 10 hrs flight, 2 hours dealing with rental car, we finally arrived our condo around 7pm local time. We went to Safeway to get the necessities and went to bed around 10 pm local time which is 4 AM DC time. 😯

Day 2: We woke up with this gorgeous view from the condo. Hello Waikiki!!!


on our way to the condo we passed by the largest shopping mall in Oahu, Ala Moana Mall. I know there’s a japanese store, shirokiya, that mom and I would love, so we went there. To our surprise, we weren’t very interested in their general merchandise store but fell in love with the food they offer. There were a large selection of bento food. They were all very very appetizing. It took us two rounds of browsing them to decide what we wanted.


Mom got this bento that contains curry rice, chicken, noodles and eggplant


I got this one with 9 assorted dishes


and a rice ball



ALL FANTASTIC!!! Soooo authentic and yummy~~~ Mom and I kept saying that we should come here everyday!!! (we kind of did!)

After lunch, we walked around the main avenue, Kaluapapa avenue


someone decided that stroller is not as good as mama’s carrying


and lounged around Waikiki beach


Day 3: Polynesian Cultural Center is a must-do in Oahu. Before starting the guided tour, we had a quick buffet lunch




our guide: a native Samoa guy who was really helpful, funny and cool


ready for the canoe ride




local typical food: poi, a taro root puree, a bit sour, not very tasty


a typical house


napping baby in the carrier




dance show on the river from different ethics






a welcome ceremony


Luan dinner


ready for some local food



between dinner and night show, we toured the nearby Mormon church


that day we arrived the condo close to 11pm, way too late for all of us. Sofia slept the whole show, my mom and I dozed couple of times as well. But overall it was a good cultural experience. 🙂



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2 responses to “Travel: we’re back from Hawaii

  1. ive been to the Polynesian Cultural Center too and was not a fan of poi either haha! can’t wait to read the recaps!

  2. I can’t wait to read all your updates Coco!!

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