Travel: 3 days in Managua

The 3-day trip went really well. I got a taste of the city and had productive work meetings. Since it was short, I didn’t have much time for city tour, so no pics of the city for you readers , I promise I’ll do a better job in capturing the city next time (August).

My flight left IAD at 5am. After a short morning nap, I was ready for breakfast. I was craving eggs but they didn’t have any savory option, instead they brought me this:


I only had the fruit salad and few bites of the main dish which was way toooo sweet.

A short lay over in San Salvador, arrive Managua at 9:30 AM. Went right away to the office, worked until 5pm (exhausted! :evil:).

Check-in at the hotel and was too tired to go out for dinner (I skipped lunch so I was famished!) so I ordered room service


I ordered grilled chicken, vegetables and rice sauteed with beans, a typical local side dish


I devoured the whole plate and the bread basket in <10 min :shock:. I was HUNGRY!

I woke up 5 AM local time (7 am DC time) refreshed. I skypped with Sofia and mom while I pumped.


the view from my room. It’s rainy season so greens everywhere.



After one hour of pumping (both the pump and manually), I was ready for breakfast.


tropical fruits were delicious


a toast eaten with the veggie omelet, it was so good that I had one more set


Managua suffered an earthquake in the early 90s, the whole city was down except this church (right) and the congress building (left)


I  skipped lunch again because I needed the lunch hour to pump and had meetings in the early afternoon, so I had some fruit and crackers in the morning. Therefore by dinner time, I was famished again. I went to the restaurant that was beside the hotel (since I was alone this trip, I didn’t feel comfortable going further away at night by myself), highly recommended by my colleagues. The most popular food in Nicaragua is beef. Coming from Argentina, the meat needs to be really good for me to say it’s good.


Chimichurri, raw onion and jalapeño pepper (apparently, the locals eat them raw)


as appetizer, I ordered a palm salad (I need some sort of veggie everyday and it’s a challenge when traveling)


main course: 5 oz. sirloin, grilled veggies and white rice


they were not lying that Nicaragua has good meat 😉 Actually  really good, maybe even better than argentineans. 😉


garlic bread was served


once again, I polished the whole meal. 😉

The next morning, I was fully recovered, so before breakfast I visited the gym at the hotel. Did 30 min workout, ready to have a big breakfast!





this is an egg flan


egg white and yolk cooked separately. It was so good that I had two and asked the chef how it’s prepared. The egg white is baked in a mold, and the yolk boiled with a plastic film.


Had my last meeting at 2pm and my flight departed at 6pm. I was planning to get some food at the airport since I didn’t have lunch, but there was NONE!!! So my eyes opened wide when dinner was served


appetizer: palm salad, main course: chicken filled with cheese, mashed potato and grilled veggies


since I survived in crackers again that day, I finished the whole air-meal for the very first time. When you’re hungry, you eat whatever it’s in front of you.

Dessert: tiramisu with fruit culis.


the second flight was delayed 45 min, so I arrived IAD at 3 AM, arrived home at 4 AM. After a short pumping session, I was exhausted when I climbed my bed at 4:30 AM.

3 hours later… I heard my baby “singing” downstairs, so I got up and went to her


I survived well this first trip since I had Sofia. We skyped several times a day (at least every time I pump), and I called my mom in between meetings. I even managed to bring  all the pumped milk back. The original plan was to dumb the milk because the logistic seemed too complicated. But at the last minute, I decided to bring the cooler and the ice pack with me just in case I could bring them back. The thought of throwing milk away was too painful. During the way to Managua, I pumped at stop-over in a public bathroom and kept it in the cooler. Once arrived the office, I put the cooler in the fridge. At the hotel, I asked room service to put the cooler (with the milk inside) in their fridge which is much colder than the minibar fridge in the room. Twice a day I call the room service, they bring the cooler, I add another bag of milk and they put it back to the fridge. At the office, we have a fridge so I pumped in the library, the only room without window. The last night, I asked the hotel to put the ice pack in the freezer so I had that for the return flight. To bring them back, I put all the milk in the cooler, in between ice pack and newspaper, put it in the checked luggage, and by the time I arrived home, they were still cold. At the end, it was not so complicated if it’s well planned. The most important thing was to ask for help (to the hotel and the secretary) and feel no shame about it. I’ll definitely do it again next time. However, I did have some issues the first two days. I had some engorgement and blocked duct. To solve that, I pumped longer, expressed manually afterwards, took hot showers and fortunately by the third day it was gone.  This trip taught me that it’s all possible with dedication! 🙂


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6 responses to “Travel: 3 days in Managua

  1. laika

    so great that you could bring the milk back Coco! thanks for sharing the logistics of pumping/traveling

  2. eeek, engorgement is nooo joke, Coco! It’s so uncomfortable and painful. 0_0 And it’s cool to see the way you go about things with Sofia and breastmilk because I learn a lot. And what delicious food! I can’t believe you said their meat is better than Argentina’s~Now, that’s one of those things where I have to try it to believe it! haha.

  3. I always really enjoy “experiencing” friends’ food adventures while they travel, and this was no exception! I’m so intrigued by the egg flan you ate for breakfast at the hotel, and may try doing something similar at home. The presentation is creative, too!

    I’m so happy to hear that you were able to save the milk you pumped while you were traveling – I bet Sofia was happy, too!

    Hope you’ve been able to adjust back to life at home with ease, and that you enjoyed your weekend!

  4. Glad to see you’re doing well! Sofia is gorgeous and your travel food looks yummy!

  5. kristaskravings

    Sounds like a successful trip! The egg flan looks pretty neat. Good for you to not be ashamed to ask the hotel for help with pumping. You’re a strong woman, Coco!

  6. laika

    I miss your posts Coco..I hope all is well!

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