Life: weekend scenes

*** I forgot to press publish before I left, just got back from Nicaragua and it’s 4.30 AM 😯 ***

It was a 4-day weekend but not long enough to be with my girls before leaving for a business trip. 😦

Newest trick of Sofia: half standing by the crib


but she has problem lying down after that, so after crying she’d fall asleep face down, usually with her legs in front of her. Fortunately she’s flexible enough to be able to sleep in that awkward position for 30 min.


I hope she gets over with this developmental stage and learns how to lie down to sleep.

She’s also standing (with assistance) to play with the piano


but no longer than 5 min


We went to the outlet, got new outfits for the whole family



When we came back from the outlet, since she didn’t had her nap, she fell asleep while sitting… it was so cute! 🙂


her new sandal


Breakfast at the deck every morning


Pool time


she loved playing with water and my friends


the signature face 😉


I made a batch of baby food: red quinoa, dry logan and apple, cooked in rice cooker and blended with breast milk


I packed light for this 3-day trip, leaving at 3 am on Monday and coming back 3 am on Thursday. 😯


It is my decision for this crazy schedule because I wanted the time being apart from my baby to be as short as possible.



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2 responses to “Life: weekend scenes

  1. She’s getting so big!! And beautiful.
    I love that face. Pucker up!

  2. andreaswellnessnotes

    I love all the Sofia pics! Soooo cute!

    And those little sandals are adorable!

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