Sofia: 9 months

This month, Sofia turned into a big girl!!! Seriously… look this face… doesn’t she look like a toddler already?


She’s becoming even more outgoing this month. She NEEDS to get out of the house EVERYDAY!


Favorite face of the month:


Sleep: night sleep is going well, usually from 7:30-6am. Naps are still short and not  consistent. During the week, she usually takes two naps: 1 hr in good days, 30-40 min in a normal day. Over the weekend, she sleeps even less… most of the time she’d cap nap in the car because she simply doesn’t want to miss anytime in sleeping while mama is around, and she knows I can take her out. 🙂

Eating: I wish I could say she eats/drinks anything and that she eats a lot. She’s mine and Star’s baby, so I should have expected that she’s a small appetite. We still nurse before bed and first thing in the morning a full feed. During the day, she’d take 10-12 oz. in a good day, 6 or less in a bad day. Over the weekend we nurse but I notice she’s less interested in nursing during the day. I don’t know whether it’s because she’s too distracted, or she’s just used to the bottle. Either way our nursing days are countable. Over the last month, I’ve cut pumping from 4-5 times a day to 2. Once in the morning after she takes one breast so I pump the other, and once at work. I cut the pumping session one by one and didn’t feel any discomfort.  In term of solids, in a good day she’d take a bowl of oatmeal with breastmilk and an egg yolk in the morning, and yogurt with fruit in the afternoon. She’d also snack on fruits while grandma eats. In a bad day, she refuses to any kind of food and lives in air. 😯 We stopped worrying about it, we just keep offering and trust her own instinct.

Cry: she cries when she refuses to nurse; when she’s bored and wants to be entertained; and when she sees us leaving. I think she’s developed separation anxiety this month. She needs to see us otherwise she’d cry. This happens every time we leave the room to let her sleep. The fact that she’s alone in the room doesn’t upset her, it’s only when she sees us leaving the room. So, we’ve been sneaking out quietly. I hope this is just a phase. Fortunately, she doesn’t have stranger anxiety. She stills loves meeting new people.



Likes: “play” with other babies. She’s not shy, she’s friendly, she enjoys being around with them.





playground toy


crawling around the house


Milestone: crawling at 8 months and 3 weeks; and 1 week later, she learned to sit from belly down.

She goes from crawling to hands and knees


then she leans back


open her legs


and sit


It’s amazing how fast she learns to do these things. The first time she crawled, she used mainly her arms; two days later she realized her legs could make it easier; 1 week later she disappears from our sights in a matter for seconds. The same happens with the sitting. One day she was playing while belly down by balancing her legs… and suddenly sit up. The next day she was already doing that as second nature.



Physical: I had my first pimple in 14 months!!! The pregnancy and nursing hormones have kept me from breaking out, but it’s finally fading away. I think cutting down the pumping contributed to it. I estimate I’m producing half what I used to produce so I hope I get my period back soon.

Mental: I’m super happy. She melts my heart everyday. Before having her I am already a happy, grateful and positive person, but she just took everything to the next level. It’s beyond words what she makes me feel. She completes my world. Since she’s developing  sense of herself and learns to “manipulate” us; sometimes I wish she listens to me and do what I tell her; but I remind myself that all I want is her to be happy, following my words or not. For someone who uses to give orders, it’s not easy to let it go, but surprisingly she made it easy. She’s not even one year old and I’m already sad that she’ll be a big girl and will not need me anymore. How sad. You fellow mom, how do you deal with that???






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3 responses to “Sofia: 9 months

  1. Such a big girl! Love how she is sitting up!

    And, yes, kids growing up is exciting yet at the same time sad. I always remind myself that if they didn’t grow up, they’d never become the people they are meant to be…

  2. My doctor once told me that a child will never starve themselves, they will eat when they are hungry. Noah was a very picky eater and this statement helped me lots on the days that he seemed to eat nothing.

    Watching them grow has mixed emotions for me. On one hand, it’s the natural progression that you want; healthy, strong, confident kids. On the other hand, it’s really tough to let go and allow them to find themselves.

  3. *teardrop* awwww she’s growing wayyy too fast! But she looks so happy and healthy, which makes it very worth her fast growth. 😀 And I cannot believe she sleeps so long at night–I’m quite excited for those days when Selah will be sleeping for hours and hours. 😉

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